How is a man who has no spine supposed to feel when he is given a solid whack in his unmentionables? Would he feel any differently from a man who has a spine, and is not given a solid whack in his unmentionables? In either case, or even both if you are a purist to whom it is more vital to use the right syntax when defining a union of two sets than the existence of the sets themselves, the feeling dramatically varies when a conceited person is given a shot of vanity from when the same shot is administered to me.

And here we are not even talking of a shot of vanity that is a result of transcendental surrealism where what appears tends to be not true, and what does not appear, well, does not appear. It is difficult to pass judgement on what is not to be. So, let us just leave it at that.

I have a shocking revelation to make. No, I do not intend walking down the Abids main road in the nude. That, some would call an exercise in self-actualisation though it must be said that those guys/gals do not know what that word even means. What I am referring to is the position of my blog. Despite not having written a blog post for quite a while in between, my blog still shows at number 9 in the most popular blogs list.

Does that mean I am still read?

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