getting back to something which you've left long ago isn't easy.and when it comes to writing, it is really similar to herculean task..though it is far-fetched to use that phrase. but sizing down the laziness and oiling the mind to re-produce the same quality/genre of work is really a demanding task.

we all are inveterate bloggers.every human being is. only few dare to chronicle them in note-books while others taste the blog in their minds and forget it.thinking itself is blogging, perhaps in its primitive form..yet, evolved.the only asset of blogging is that the thought lies in front of you. it separates the entities. you look at yourself when you read your own blog. the you is observer..of the character "yourself".thoughts caged in mind, on the other hand, follow a different pattern altogether.they are like thought leading to another..and before you realize..a train of thoughts collectively describe/define your state of mind at that particular stage. well, this is definitely not a page ripped off from the upcoming journal of a psychoanalyst but i am just trying my hand..or differentiating between thinking and blogging. the latter is termed as the new fad, a revolution in the world wide web. thats true.the internet, today, is an anarchic place where you can put up anything.

but what is it which made it a fad? the primitive version of blogging did have its intermdeiate version too..writing..and when i say writing, i mean penning down of thoughts in a note book. people could have always used their moments of solitude to pen down their thoughts, just as they blog now. but writing was never a fad, only because it is/was more personal..or private. no one read them..even if the writer wanted it to be public. and somewhere down the journey, people wanted to break loose...they wanted to bare their thoughts, genuine,pseudo, hypocritic or even careless..whatever kind they may be of..and derived some sort of primal pleasure..whatever, for creative guys, internet-blogging came as a boon..and for non-creative served as a good hone their communication abilities..

sometimes i wonder if pages of a note-book of a blogger and his blog do have the same content...also, i strongly feel that something essential lacks in a blog. perhaps the human mind becomes more conscious when keying in a blog.but still, i must accept that blogging did seduce people..much more than writing opened doors. it built which a writer could see himself. and knowing people and their thought processes came as an added incentive. finally one might wonder, who has time for all this? may be..but many do.probably they prefer to invest their solitude in blogging but i still feel, writing stands in a different plane. the best analogy i can draw to justify : writing is similar to a hand-written letter while blogging is similar to e-mail.

but think of it, isn it ironical that i am putting this on a blog rather than in my note book. thats another advantage of blogging : you can be your the best.

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