"someday u'll look back on this day and laugh" - syko, April 11th, 1:36PM.

Here's hoping I'll laugh, atleast smile happily. Not this wry smile, no. April 12th now, 5 days of bringing together of all of the pieces of this nightmarish jigsaw puzzle. Every piece neatly falling into place for me to sit back n gaze at this wonderful collage of broken dreams. Its been 24hrs now since the last nail has been clinically driven into my coffin of CAT 2005.

To those who've been following this blog, (how could u miss it? 8-| ) you'd know that I'd managed to end up with some of 'em B-School calls. Well, now that the entire second phase of admissions has been wrapped up, here's me telling y'all out there that I, Payne, ain't going nowhere. :| There's a post down in this page which mentions certain alphabets like A,B,C,K,I. Well they are all gone now. 'cept for a waitlist at IIM-K that is. Its been an interesting 4 days, a time when I've realised that the T9 prediction for the words 'selection' and 'rejection' is the same thing. When I typed out that dreaded word and saw how good the other word looked beside the letters IIMs A,B,C,I. ah well. A time I'll remember for a long long while. So there, 4 rejects and one waitlist. Looks cute doesn't it?

The good : Its been a grand 4 months, of going by tankbund every other day; of learning to say "let me complete"; of learning to be assertive, to put out my thoughts in a structured manner; of readin' up about daily affairs around the world and in my own backyard; of actually goin' back n readin stuff abt electronic and communications engineering; of living life like i knew it 4 years back - with a book in my hand n a dream in my head; of crammin' in my project, GD classes, college, and the best part of my life all in 24 hrs; of realising that Alexander came before Jesus and that the first words of the Constitution are We, the people; of looking forward and trying to keep it real; of sitting there @IIM-B room nos K-12, M-13 and facing 'em profs; of seeing Sorry!; of me.

The bad : None at all. No regrets. Surprisingly :D.

The ugly : Maybe the results..hmmm..wtf! Why do I have the ugly category in here? :|

As I said, no regrets. I've been there, faced 'em, had fun. I gave it my best shot or atleast believe I have. Still coming to grips with the fact that I ain't making it to any of  'em and that I am actually waiting for a waitlist to clear. Never thought it'd come down to this. Never thought I'd be posting in a thread which went by the title "dejected and rejected" or even "highest %ile with no IIM calls". :D But hey, bloody life's unpredictable wottsay?:D Am I gonna give it another shot? Hell yeah! Shall do something to make me CV look jataak, something other than wearing yellow shirts with revolt stamped on 'em or even placin' blogging as my #1 hobby. :-p

I guess it is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Sadly I never got to get meself onto that wide_arse expressway out there, but its been absolutely great to be on this road, the road to one of 'em B-schools that is. Life goes on, but then this bloody VLSI won't. :| Onto my endsems now, onto living life like 'nother of one of those stoopid engineers out there. :-)


PS : kk, who cares? I don't know but I sure as hell hope that most of y'all other bloggers out there aren't bloggin' cuz u think somebody out here actually cares. Now that would be something. =))

PPS : Fat Freddie's Cat and bull, whoever you are, this is your time to come out and have a blast. drp's official invitation. :D

Engineers rock btw. :D

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