Posted by D.Raw El Payne 30 May 2005, 2:17am

Two things today. One, a passage in today's ICET exam quoting Gandhiji's thoughts on economic equality and the need to close the every widening gap between the ultra-rich and the absolutely poor. Secondly, my conversation with my granddad about the availability of Mont Blanc pens and the rise of watches powered by kinetic energy costing upwards of a cool Rs.15,000/- .

Got me thinking. A rare moment that but I had to do something with my idle mind.

Gandhiji's words read something like this >>

Economic equality of my conception does not mean that everyone will literally have the same amount. It simply means that everybody should have enough for his or her needs. …The real meaning of economic equality is "To each according to his need." That is the definition of Marx.

To each according to his need. Now how the words necessity and needs are specified changes from person to person but there is a certain line which can be drawn. Lets get to that line later. Lets see what I, Payne, see as my needs. My entry into a b-school meant that I buy a laptop, I deemed it fit that my prized possession bought with dad's money should have a dedicated graphics card and a widescreen display with 1Gigs of memory so I may game to my heart's content. Fine, thats how I define my needs, at this moment : To game. This came to around 60K. This other buddy just bought one today costing 35K. I specified my needs and thereby I'm in a position where I can just about justify the expenditure. Just about. It pinches now.

Though I haven't made my case half as clear as I'd have liked, my point here is that we can all specify needs and justify them to an extent but only to an extent. As long as we stick to those justifiable needs a whole world of equal opportunity is possible. Equal opportunity here not meaning that the poor have access to everything you do, but atleast the very basic necessities of life, an education probably.

Lets take a better analogy, that watch mentioned above. A typical Li-ion cell runs for around 7-8 years peacefully, now investing a few million dollars into R&D for developing a battery-less watch is something which seems great in conception but fall flat when it comes to common sense. Thats the problem with marketing and business tactics. :) What sense does it make investing Rs.10,000 or even Rs.100,000 or going even higher to buy a watch which serves just about the same purpose as your designer Swatch/Fossil/Espirit bought at a retail outlet for around 5,000??? Isn't that extra money spent making the life of a child better? A child whose dream would be to have 2 square meals every other day instead of knowing what time of the day it is by the amount of traffic at the lights.

What sense do cars like the Ferrari Enzo and the Bugatti Veyron make? None. 'cept as Gavin Green of CAR magazine puts it, they make most sense to car journos and the media who hype them up. Other than that the sheer amount of money spent in developing the vehicle ends up being equal to the GDP of a small nation, heck, the price of one is enough to feed probably the entire beggar fleet of Hyderabad for a week. Just wondering. Does it take that much to understand that the same money is better spent making the next best small car or city car? Or probably investing that money into building new plans in developing countries, generating employment while probably paving the way to roads? Probably.

The contrast between the rich and the poor today is a painful sight. The poor villagers are exploited by…their own countrymen-the city-dwellers. They produce the food and go hungry. They produce milk and their children have to go without it. It is disgraceful.
Everyone must have a balanced diet, a decent house to live in, and facilities for the
education of one's children and adequate medical relief…. M.K. Gandhi

That last line pretty much sums up the shocking state of affairs that 1.5 billion lives in our country go without all that every single day in our country. While we have Lara Dutta showing us on Zoom that her entire casual attire for her shopping outing cost her Rs. 5.5Lakhs. Branding is to fault for this, it is the sheer reason why Ferrari has to release an Enzo. Damn I love tht car. Branding is to blame for so much. But then public conscience is so much to blame for everything else.

The fear of what one thinks of me stops me from doing so much. When was the last time I turned around and gave that old man at the lights that 2/- he was begging for? When was the last time I took the time to contribute anything to those poor kids on the roads? When did I ever think that I could do anything? The other day, at the Punjagutta lights, a group of 15 or so beggars were having their dinner. What a sight. When was the last time I went forward to help when I saw an accident on the road and did not instead try to get ahead of the traffic? Why dint I say anything when I saw that 7-8yr old kid on the train - painted silver, imitating Gandhi and hoping to get something in return?

Its this fear, the public conscience that drives one to invest so very much into that next status symbol, lest they be left behind. That makes one turn a blind eye to the real world. The complete ignorance of the fact that what they needed has been taken care of, that what they wanted has been taken care of and now its just a matter of what others perceive they should have.

There was probably a time in the very distant past when man used to contribute to his neighbour, probably. When the concept of status was not invented yet. These thoughts of mine are not simply meandering ramblings of an idle mind but fears that grip me considering that soon I'll be entering a world where my decisions are my own. Where my investments are my own. Where I'll have a choice after a certain point. Where God-willing, I'll actually have the power to draw a line between the excess and the perceived necessity. When I hope I'll free myself of these perceived bonds that society builds around us, when I'll think as an individual. When I hope to remember the fact that I do have the power to make a difference. Its that first steps of freedom which are so very difficult to take. There are a few people whom I know who are already free in that sense, both of them are in my links list. Find 'em. :D

Long post. Haven't said half the things I had on my mind. Maybe its just that consience acting up. Maybe. There is a better world out there, I just have to find it. Maybe I must be the change I hope to see in this world.

I'll be damned if I see even one comment on this blog. This post is just way too long and incoherent. Idle Mind signing out.



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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 23 May 2005, 1:20am

I can just see the newspaper headlines tomorrow :

Jo Bole So Nihaal Bombs at the box office!!

Oh well, I don't think they'd get to that pun anyway..but it'd be cool if they did wouldn't it now? The incidents in Delhi completely redefine the meaning of a movie bombing don't they now? :| As I flipped through the channels today and caught the words BREAKING NEWS flashing wildly on one too many news channels, I realised I'd better stop n actually know whats going on in the world out there. Wht happened tonight is pathetic at best. :|

Come to think of it, organised crime in India was always on a low but this is the abyss. The motives are all wrong, ofcourse I ain't exactly saying the motives are ever right but I always reckoned it requires a degree of angst to react in so violent a manner. A degree of angst brought about by years of turmoil or oppression not one movie which actually aimed to be cute. Leaving the complete lack of skill of our renowned movie-makers aside, and also trying hard not to look at this from an educated point-of-view I still find it extremely difficult to even come close to grasping the slightest reason as to what would bring about anyone to bomb 2 cinema halls full of people for such a reason...

..or maybe it was not for that reason, maybe it was just a very clever criminal act. I wish. What makes their mind tick? (pun unintended but cool all the same). What level of complete social blindness do you have to attain to take such a useless path? ah well.

Moving onto other topics quickly, 'cuz I don't usually post relevant stuff...Half-Life 2 rocks. I'll tell you why. Play Doom 3 and HL2 within the span of a few hours and you shall realise. The game has so much life. The undead act so very undead, the environment is so haunting and alive that you pay attention to the finer details and the background music is completely non-intrusive. Unlike Doom 3, where reload, shoot, run, shoot, reload becomes a chore rather entertainment. The game had soo much potential, with such great graphics and amazing in-game moments involving some dramatic sequences. All lost because of the lack of direction. ah well.

Now this is a plain_vanilla blog.

Over n out.



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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 21 May 2005, 8:40pm

Why do you blog? You you and YOU?

Irrelevant, redundant question? Maybe. Though the very presence of such a question on a blog needs some rethinking. Why do I blog? I wish I knew. In the past few weeks, I've typed out quite a few "blogs" or simply put "passages in Notepad" and never got to posting them here. Why? Dunno, cuz I sure dint feel like it. 'Cuz going to, logging in and d whole procedure got to me. Now, here comes the crunch>

I actually liked typing out those posts, though they never were posted. The entire point of writing something was done, I'd neatly(or not so neatly) chronicled and shelved away memories of specific instances in my life. The purpose of my blog was served, whether I wanted to share it with ppls or not was the question and I chose not to. For no particular reason. It was mentally satisfying to sit down and put down my thoughts in a readable manner so I just may chance upon that file and find a different me, the past_me(a la Calvin's future me).

I look at this blog now and see so many little subtleties which I'm sure will have me smirking 2/3/4.. years down the line. :) If is still standing that is. :D There's another thing to notice abt this blog in its current state, the complete lack of posts. Its been hardly updated, hardly alive. The last few posts have been abt me n my b-school madness, gone is the soul of Setec Astronomy, wtf is that?? u may ask, let me tell u>> It is displayed in one of my earlier posts titled "Bitch stole my title", that, dear readers, is the essence of Setec Astronomy not this self-elevating, senti crap, not the whole look at me, I'm a B-schooler posts. This is Payne's blog and it shall remain so, atleast for the sake of the 70-odd views I get every 24 hrs even with a complete lack of new content.

On the occasion of this blog teetering on touching 20,000 views, I say this>> Setec Astronomy shall return. *dramatic music starts to play in the background* It shall be the all conquering blog again, MUAHHAHAHA! (if anyone has paid a tad of attention to this point, they would-a realised that this post has zilch in it). Purpose achieved. Like Seinfeld's proposed TV superhit, this blog from now on shall have more of that one thing which was lacking till now, NOTHING.

Mind blogging stuff.


When there is no pain, there is neither the reason nor the desire to think or create. Payne shall return.

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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 10 May 2005, 3:11pm

To those whom it may concern : I is off to IIM-Indore.

Still believing it really is true. Not exactly on Cloud #9 or anything, but yes I is headed to one of ze IIMs. :)

.....jus back from Araku valley and one wild trip to all ze junglee places out there.

I, stunned.


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