*tears hair out*
* mozilla beckons , so decides to type away!!*

I wish i had the guts to do these really brave things. Like for instance ,NOT watch the daily soaps on Star Plus.There should have a rehab centre for daily soap addicts as well.:-| It is so difficult to stay away ! I try to keep my mind occupied ,but then ,the protagonist's voice has some hyponotic quality about it and exactly at 10, im drawn to the television and then stuck ......and by the way i have insiders news that the serial in the 10.30 slot is going to take another 20 year old leap ..which means that the very-alive grandmother of the house will be 120 yrs old .!! yipppiiee !!
Suspension of disbelief is the only way out of this menace. You have to leave your sane brain somewhere you cant find it again , cos otherwise you will never be able to understand how a guy at 50 can get married for the fourth time and then have kids who eventually (5 episodes later) end up looking older than him !!
I cant get it , when the same set,the same house,is shown as this huge family mansion in one scene ,and in the next one,is shown as a posh restaurant with gawky looking waiters !!What do they think we are ??? fools ??!! I am one ,am i not ?*embarassed*
And oh yes, if you ever want to know how rich you can possibly get, one episode of any of these serials will help ,all the 'business' activities deal with an uncountable number of hundreds of crores ,in plush offices which are again in the same house cum restaurant set !!:-|
Every week , the 'good' family in the soap will incur losses running into a few hundred crores ,and mysteriously the losses happen because of a fire in some factory !!(again ,same set..)
Actresses always have make up on , even when they are in coma ,and coma happens as regularly as the common cold and interestingly, gets alright in the same amount of time as the common cold-7 days or 7 episodes ,whichever gets over first ! :-d
Every mother in the serial finds a new son,she never knew she had ,every week ..and every daughter in the serial gets married to a different guy every week ,has kids and then is slowly fazed out of the serial with two time-tested-proven methods --:
        a) Marry her off again for the nth time to a guy who lives in       another country,preferably where filming for prime time television isnt allowed.
        b) By the common cold ..oops the common coma method ..!!

The women always manage to have straight hair ,the vamp always does her make up twice -both the times with her eyes closed. And  in the kitchen , theres always a culinary strike of sorts --only two dishes are made --Gajar ka Halwa and parathas..:-|
Changing actors every few weeks for the same character is supposed to ensure high TRPs..now i want to know what TRP stands for ..:-p

Life goes on ..even after 700 episodes and a number of nervous breakdowns ..im still glued ..
Ive tried hard ...and i have been able to take out a little time for other activities like reading,studying and living ..

But im LOVIN IT !!( in typical daily soap anti-climax isshtyle !!) I am addicted and i feel proud to say so ...and if you are in the same state as I , dont be ashamed ..it isnt a bad thing as long as you take a walk or somethin when the glycerine fest starts ..:)
So all you daily-soap critics out there can go to hell ...or simply change the channel ..

:)                                  * credits roll*
                                 * theme song plays *

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