Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

And The Story Continues....

rock_26iin | 30 June, 2005 19:02

Ok, this might sound like sh!te to most of you'll here (if you are here, i.e.) but as someone once said, "All bad poetry comes from true emotion", it comes straight from the heart. Hope you enjoy it.

The Acme Of Solitude

'Twas once said
"It is better to have loved and lost
Then never to have loved at all"
But what if, you lost the love
Before you had a chance to say it at all?

Broken hearts, broken dreams
Silently, the night screams
I pick up these fragments of a broken heart
And head towards a new start

How was I to know,
That pain would come disguised as solace
And tears would hide behind the laughter
That happiness would be a losing chase
And defeat would be the final chapter?

I thought I had reached
The highest of altitudes
Until I realized
That it was just the Acme of Solitude

I stare at this expanse of life
From my vantage point here
High above the raging world
Me alone with my fears
Alone I stand here,
At the Acme of Solitude

Laughter of the winds
Silently ridicules me
Why don't they go away?
And let me be me?
Taking away my sanity
Breaking away my foritude
People stare at me with vanity
While I stand at the Acme of Solitude

Friends and family
I know not where they went
All this anger, all this pain
I know not where to vent
They push me into this gaping hole
Expecting gratitude
Feeling rid of my soul
I stand at the Acme of Solitude

Me & Her In The Woods

rock_26iin | 27 June, 2005 20:10

Towers of crimson
Dance with the wind
Her tresses of auburn
As if flames through them, skimmed

A countenance of power
The light of stars
Her radiant laughter
I'll love her, ever after

Her robes of amethyst
Waltzing with the breeze
Cascades of beauty
Emanating from the trees

In her eyes, innocence
In her glance, purity
In her voice, laughter
In her arms, endearing serenity

Credibility Denied

rock_26iin | 17 June, 2005 22:39

I am going to try to talk sense here but I don't think that is possible since I am senseless. But that should not mislead you, since senseless people are very much able to talk sensible stuff. Now this sensible stuff (which will come later)that I am going to try and talk here, will make sense but will be completely pointless. As such why are you even reading this when you know that it is going to be pointless? I'll tell you why, its because this is a human instinct, to do what you are not supposed to be doing. We just can't help it, we want it and so we do it and I do not think I know what the "it" in this sentence means but I think that you do. Or maybe you are a cryptographer and are trying to look for the point of this post in all the sensible stuff bred into it. Well, I wish you all the best

rock out!
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