Posted by D.Raw El Payne 30 June 2005, 2:55am

There's a soft breeze flowing in through the netlon_covered window, there's the sound of 40 computer speakers belting out everything from U2 to A.R.Rehman, there're 1170kms between me and home, there're disconnected thoughts floating around in my mind which make this moment even more difficult to describe than it should be.

Where should I begin? From my 22nd birthday being celebrated on ze A.P Express with a motley bunch of army officers, Laloo Prasad relative, 1 perv and one punjabi bimbo? Or the 200kms cab drive from hell? Or travelling at 20kmph sharing the autowallah's seat with a bucket in my lap and a big "wtf?" in my head? Or tonight?

72 hrs back I was in Hyderabad saying goodbye to good ole red comp chair and every event in these past 3 days has been so very umm...eventful. :) 'Tis been all the stuff I've been hoping to experience...almost.

What am I talking about? The subject line says it all, though the fact that my birthday and my 1st ever steps into a hostel make this even more significant than a simple "b-school journey begins" kinda shindig. Lets start with the birthday, the cast on the Train #2723 consisted of mom, perv, fat perv, punjabi bimbo, major, wide-eyed major, lalu_prashad_chum and me. Perv possessed a 7610 which he used to good effect to take pics of punjabi bimbo which kept fat perv entertained in turn. lpc was a real treat who held firm to his belief that Zail Singh was illiterate and was oblivious to the fact that Perv n Fat Perv were ROTFL'in at him. major n wide-eyed major made me realise that the Indian Army is not as bad as the Gandipet jawans make it out to be. *salute* Punjabi bimbo laughed. Mom repeated her joke thrice jus to make sure everyone got it, she's cute like that. I distributed cake to all of 'em. :-" Happy birthday to me.

Landed at Bhopal where Mr.Robinson Crusoe (yes, thats a real name) was a real god-send ,what with him directing us to the cab guy and bargaining and all that. Loaded 18 pieces of luggage into the Sumo and off we were. Head-banging thanks to the ride and our generally sleep-deprived states, we ended up lost. :D Till a helpful police station finally got us there. There being "the college on the hill". As we took that left turn at 4:20AM, 27th June, with fingers pointing out frantically saying "worrai! look campus occhindhi!" n d other guy muttering "dude, i dont know telugu :|", it all sank in and everything fell into place. There was not much other than amazement and sheer awe as I looked on at the campus - set high on the hill with winding roads leading to its apex(the acad block) and various green signs leading us to the wrong entrance into the hostels, the campus at night was quite a sight then and now just 3 days later feels so familiar...slowly starting to become a part of me.

The view from D-203 is quite a stunner, totally complemented by the weather which is just about too filmi to be true. A cold breeze breathes over the hilltop every single moment and a drizzle comes down every once in a while to remind us of the season. The black-topped roads and the bright signs look alive thanks to the constant natural cleaning, the grass is golden - a hue of brown which goes with the semi-brown acad block, the architecture reminding me of the jantar-mantar floorplan at the birla planetarium (yes it is that convoluted and yet so breathtaking)...and then the view. Any which way you look there are mountains, wide expanses of that golden grass and not another human soul in sight. :) This room gives the phrase "a room with a view" its very definition. :D I'm now stationed on a floor with tams n gults belting out more south-indian hits than SS Music could hope to access. Yam luwwin yit I shay! :D

Finally, to end this rather long_drawn, non_drp_ish post, tonight there was a meeting of sorts in the mess (btw, the food is so good I don't miss lakshmamma's unedible black oddities seriously, the food is wow.). After the meeting, and my first few "interactions" with seniors and all that jazz, 76 hrs into the IIM-Indore life, here I am grateful. Grateful for having made the right decision, for being in a position to choose and then doing the right thing. For being in a place where I actually have soft-lighting in my room, for being able to blog about this. For being called the guy "who badly needs a haircut". For having the bestest birthday gift - a new life. B-schooling? I have no idea wht tht is for now, but I sure as hell know what the word campus means. :)

Signing out peaceful,

PS : Happy journey mom! :D

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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 25 June 2005, 8:57am

A lot of firsts and probably a lot of lasts too in the week gone by. I received my first paycheck, opened my first bank account, d_r_p is now a legal entity.. :D First time at getting me some prize monnay, my first computer hardware f_ck_up...and my first year at blogging.

With less than 24 hours to go before I say my first goodbyes to a place my bum has settled itself in for the past 22 years, I can't help but look at my trusted broken comp chair and get senti about all this. How about this for lasts, this is my last post as an engineer. 'Tis all starting to sink I shay.

Its just like me to get here and then plonk my arse down hoping I can stay back. *sigh* I'm gonna miss this place, this place being my room, tankbund, my loo, ze autos, every living being around me in dis house (goodbye spotted lizard), blogging on fullhyd frm me room, u...I want more time...I so do. 24 hrs more to sit here and do nothing, 1 day to live vela..1 hr to spend making 30ps calls, 1 moment...goddaym.

An year at blogging, now that is one achievement around this place. I can proudly announce that I yam d only one of the old-timers who has stay put weathering all the storms and turbulent times! *dramatic music* :D As #1 blogger (in terms of spammity) on this site, I wish all of ye fh blaagurs out there all the very best in blogging...and hope you stick around more than the usual lifespan of an fh blog. Happy birthday blog!! 63 posts and going strong....and now its time to say me goodbyes.

Goodbye cluttered_room, goodbye plastered keyboard_rest, goodbye dawg, goodbye house a.k.a home, goodbye monkey, goodbye dented indica, goodbye red comp chair...goodbye to 22 years of gettin me arse pampered :) ...goobye goldfish...

Happy birthday blog, you've been quite a companion through prolly the best year of me life so far. :-"

Onto packing now..


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 12 June 2005, 12:39am

Here it comes to an end. My tryst with competitive exams. Or does it? For now probably. Always loved 'em. *nerd alert!*

I'd say this is one helluva way to bow out. But then, this ain't exactly a lot to shout home 'bout. Or is it?

Maybe it is, a single digit rank always makes one feel good. :D Me being that one. :-"  I ain't disclosing details...:D

I will say this though. Its just awesome to give an interview to a journalist asking you questions like "so who was your inspiration?". I've always wanted to get up on stage n say, "I'd like to thank God, my parents for their inspiration, my dog for keeping me awake in the nights, my  grandparents for being there, chintu for being chintu, my doodhwala for all the strength, maa lakshmamma for cooking unedible black thingies, naa akka ki anna ki koda nennu chaala thanks chepali anukuntunanu, marri naa coaching-institute-waalu kossam koda antha dabbulu ichinanduku ninda subakankshalu, ee bloggers ki koda chaala vandhanalu...and finally, I'd like to thank my goldfish :) ."

So I said all that n more to a Telugu newspaper today... :D I say you gotta start these few words shall be my first few steps into celebrity-dom!! muahahhaa! First Andhrajyothi...then the world! or wurruld as I ought to be pronouncing it in this moment of gult-stardom that I've attained. :-"

Now for me to put finishing touches to that Grammy award-winning thank you speech. 8-}

Feeling glad.



PS : I really have been waiting to use that mood icon for a while now. :D


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 08 June 2005, 2:24pm

Things learnt, the week of 1st June to 8th June, 2005

The "wet look" is not for me.

I can never blog when I want to. Circumstances prevent me from doing so.

Ze Dude of Wellington can write, very well at that.

Having a model bike parked in front of yer monitor along with 2 monkeys beside it, is as cool as it gets.

I have very less time left. Its time to say goodbye to things I've taken for granted for 21 years.

I'm getting old. 22 is only 40 years less than 62. Wow.

There must be something I can do about my hair. something.

When you are really hot you can sing any goddam thing and ppls will buy it.

Example : Shakira singing >> < !--StartFragment -->

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
they spill kisses like a fountain
Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
So you don't confuse them with mountains
Lucky I have strong legs like my mother
To run for cover when i need it

Good lyrics are rare to come by, though you'll bump into 'em through unexpected sources. Abhishek Bacchan singing Smokey's The tracks of my tears. wow. The song, not Bacchu B.

< !--StartFragment --> People say I'm the life of the party
Cause I tell a joke or two
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
Deep inside I'm blue

So take a good look at my face
You'll see my smile looks out of place
if you look closer, it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Decision making is not half as easy as I thought it would be.

I believe.

The Rajnigandha marketing team did not consider secondary meanings when they coined the line, Mu mein Rajnigandha. Still ROTFL.

Wanna laugh? If you are a b-schooler or an aspirant, please go pick up India Today's survey. Sure to delight you for hours on end. You can always thank me.

Over n out.





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