A lot of firsts and probably a lot of lasts too in the week gone by. I received my first paycheck, opened my first bank account, d_r_p is now a legal entity.. :D First time at getting me some prize monnay, my first computer hardware f_ck_up...and my first year at blogging.

With less than 24 hours to go before I say my first goodbyes to a place my bum has settled itself in for the past 22 years, I can't help but look at my trusted broken comp chair and get senti about all this. How about this for lasts, this is my last post as an engineer. 'Tis all starting to sink I shay.

Its just like me to get here and then plonk my arse down hoping I can stay back. *sigh* I'm gonna miss this place, this place being my room, tankbund, my loo, ze autos, every living being around me in dis house (goodbye spotted lizard), blogging on fullhyd frm me room, u...I want more time...I so do. 24 hrs more to sit here and do nothing, 1 day to live vela..1 hr to spend making 30ps calls, 1 moment...goddaym.

An year at blogging, now that is one achievement around this place. I can proudly announce that I yam d only one of the old-timers who has stay put weathering all the storms and turbulent times! *dramatic music* :D As #1 blogger (in terms of spammity) on this site, I wish all of ye fh blaagurs out there all the very best in blogging...and hope you stick around more than the usual lifespan of an fh blog. Happy birthday blog!! 63 posts and going strong....and now its time to say me goodbyes.

Goodbye cluttered_room, goodbye plastered keyboard_rest, goodbye dawg, goodbye house a.k.a home, goodbye monkey, goodbye dented indica, goodbye red comp chair...goodbye to 22 years of gettin me arse pampered :) ...goobye goldfish...

Happy birthday blog, you've been quite a companion through prolly the best year of me life so far. :-"

Onto packing now..


Current Mood: Bye!
Current Music: Air Supply - Goodbye