Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

Memories....So Many & Yet Too Few

rock_26iin | 15 July, 2005 18:04

Breaking chains
Breaking shackles
As they scatter
And rattle

Freedom achieved
The pain is lost
Thoughts, memories
All washed away

Mistakes realized
Pain reins once more
Memories flooding back
Memories I cherish once more

The Scorpion & The Lion

rock_26iin | 09 July, 2005 18:44

Someone, anyone, please make sense of this.

Don't wanna go back
Don't wanna stay here
Never knew what happened
Never will know the cure

Partly understood
Partly destroyed
Left in the chill
Ammunition deployed

Forgotten words
Forgotten memories
Never will I forget
Those late night stories

Sweet sounds drifting
Birds softly singing
Bells all around ringing
The scorpion, on the lion's den infringing

Silence once more
No statements any pure
In the grass verdant
Lost, the scorpion ardent.
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