Posted by D.Raw El Payne 28 August 2005, 6:05am
5:50AM, August 28th 2005. On a hill somewhere in central India.

Sun rise. Dawn. A greyish blue sky with streaks of red and orange. Mist slowly lifting from the hill. The water tank in the distance still just a hazy image. A night spent wide awake.

I've been awake throughout the night on only a couple of occasions in life but this time there's something different. I did not realise it. This is probably one of the things that comes with being in one of these b-schools. :) I have lost all sense of time, I can carry on conversations at 4AM in the morning with either of my neighbours on any topic in the world. I can have food at any time of the day, I've woken up sometimes to ask myself if its night or day. Its 6AM now and looking back, I have no idea how the past 5 hours have rolled by. :)

B-school gives you the liberty to do nothing while being busy at it. :D It gives you the pleasure of having worked all night for a 0.02 increase in your grades(not tonight though). One of my neighbours said "being in an IIM is about the experience, studies are just a part of that", maybe he's right...maybe not but from what I've seen over the course of the past 2 months, it doesn't matter. One can actually live any which way one wants to and still manage a share of that CG pie. Whether it be to study all day and sleep all night or vice-verse or simply sleep in class, it doesn't matter. There's a spot for everyone here. From the bleary-eyed nerd to the perennial badminton court resident, from the invisible book-muncher to the Counter-Strike addict...this place is a learning in time-management, both good and bad.

Enough fart for now. The sky is lighting up now, the mist has disappeared, the street lights have turned off, its morning. I miss my camera.

Time to turn in.


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 12 August 2005, 2:58am
Indeed he does.

Still alive. Hoping to post somewhere in the near future, or distant past.

Till then, shall leave you with these words >> "Look into your heart and you'll find the vein"

So there.


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