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Where is Equality???

kodi_kura | 1 August 2005, 10:16am

Living in a foreign land one feels proud when the foreign press praises his country as "The greatest Democracy". Well, democracy is equality and no discrimination but looking back do we have that?? Reservations , Taxation policies ..nah these Democray then seems to be a mere word.
It has been more than 50 years that since the constitution was written. Reservations were needed then since most of the people below the poverty line belonged to the backward classes. But today does this justification hold good? How many people are misusing this reservations?
Now congress back in state and centre (apart from good politicians like Sri Dr.Manmohan Singh etc) one can feel the increase in minority politics (reservations based on a religion in AP). Does this mean there are no economically backward people in other religions? Sticking to reservations based on the caste means only economically backward belong to particular caste?
No...I do not think so...There is an MP/MLA who is from backward class and still wants to use reservation for getting his child admitted into IITs/IIMs...A labourer or poor farmer from forward caste is unable to provide necessary coaching to his kids to compete with his peers to get into IITs/IIM's. Well even a diamond needs to be polished to be valued...how can we justify deprieving one from coaching based on caste??? The India Inc. is against this kind of reservations but i'm sure they'll not oppose to reservations based on economical status rather than caste. Reservation is not unknown to the developed countries in west but they target them for economically backward people. Incidentally, I belong to a backward community and made full use of reservation until I reached my voting age. But being a staunch supporter of reservations based on economical background rather than caste just want ot put forth my views. Its quite disheartening to hear that lot of bright students (from economically backward background) are being deprieved of oppurtunites...put in similar views in comments to an article published in online edition of indian express opposing India Inc. move against caste based reservations but they were never posted....no doubt blogs are the platform for these views...
Appreciate any comments or your views on this...

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