9 Sep 2005

Booker 2005 - Part II

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The shortlist is out. Coetzee hasn't made it! Rushdie hasn't either, but it didn't come as a surprise, courtesy the reviews. The list (in alphabetical order):

Banville, John
Barnes, Julian
Barry, Sebastian
Ishiguro, Kazuo 
Smith, Ali
Smith, Zadie

Now that Coetzee is out, I bet on Ali Smith. 10-10-'05 will tell.

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1 Sep 2005

Birthday Trivia

Posted by Oblivion in General | 7:01pm

30-strong team
30 birthdays per year
1450/- - spend on each birthday
43,500/- - annual spend on birthdays

What the team-members get:
Clicks of digicam/mobilecam
Between 10 and 15 hours of socializing

What the birthday boy gets:
All of the above+a gift voucher+cake smeared on his face, with lot of giggles forming the background music

For those who like, it is:

For those who don't:
...don't know

If I am the birthday boy, it would mean (for me):

That this has been on my mind for some time suggests that I might develop birthdayphobia in six or seven years. There are takers for birthday parties, yes, but then there are takers for everything in this world. Suit oneself. So, let those who enjoy it, enjoy. Chaps suffering from birthdayphobia and prefer attention deficit better be left alone. I like this model. World may not become a better place, but everyone's priorities are respected.

(p.s. the luxury of having a blog is that one can write nonsense at times and not give a damn!) 

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