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I hate tick-tock clocks, is that what you call the regular clocks that
go tick-tock watches with a seconds stick ticking away to glory.
One of my close friends gave me one of those watches for my birthday which obviously
had to sit in my room and when its all quite and dark in the
night I hear the clock going tick-tock-tick-tock and believe me its like an old horror telugu movie
which does not, I repeat does not appeal to
me……AT ALL.

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I had to get that out of my system, niv babe I love you, but the
watch that you gave me is killing me.

Ok firstly my deepest apologies for writing those above lines to all
those people who have given me about 300 hits for the 3line post.
So you wanted a decent post eh?

Ok. So bet your wondering what I did for the past 3months eh? If you
were wondering where I WAS for the past 3months then its high time you
killed yourself cause you aint reading my blog enough and that isn’t
that good you know…..

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WOKAY cutting the crap out I was in Hyderabad having a ridiculous amount of fun doing
NOTHING what so EVER, actually that’s an exaggeration
I did do some werid things. Weird thing included a shit load
I mean a SHIT LOAD of crap.

Let me just categorize it into the months

Month Number 1
I basically dint do much, went around to a places when
I was in the city hung around at home bugging everyone I knew.
Went to Kurnool don’t ask me why and NO its not my native or
anything. You know what this month thing is kinda boring. Screw it lets just do what the hell I did for 3months.


Well delhi and mussoorie makes sense but I was technically
in dehradun, I dint exactly do anything there.

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Well this trip was FUN because I went with 6other girls and it included a lot of ………….
No am not filling in the blank. People who need to know
already know. And am not entirely sure why I put dots there.

Its kinda clear you know I lost it. I really really did.

Ok am gonna put up a few pictures of my trip to India, and
I know this probably NOT the post you were expecting but
I would like to thank all my cute ass friends who have made my trip so fuckin awesome.

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Chikoo –babe you’re the one

Niv- I hate the watch but well u kno…..

Sita- whore consider non-spider crap re

Aksha-keep ur mouth shut more often

Neha- nahaaa what can I say sweety :-p

Sahiti- how would anything happen without u sweety
(giggle giggle)

Thamma- I did not expect you to be a part of this
list but u r here for a reason.

Neehar- I will contemplate murdering you for being ‘there’ so much

Krishna- bet your not reading this but Oh boy u played in hun

Ashank- I have no idea what you are doing here :-p

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I cant imagine how fucked my trip could have been without you guys.
Thanks you guys am coming back next summer just for you morons so don’t think you rid of me just yet.

I LOVE YOU so very much

And for some unknown reason I think I left someone out and am really very fuckin sorry if I did so, you know am an idiot and you plij deal
with it, Of course this list does not include some people who already know that they are a part of it so don’t
bother yelling at me. :-p

Take care

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##### I don’t know about the next post but here are the pics from my trip

This was on the way to delhi
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

view from our room in mussoorie

another view from the same room

hey hey hey this is another view from our room too am not faking it, its when all the clouds come right into our room it was awesome


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