Well there is nothing much Iím actually going to write in this post, NOT that I usually make sense but this time Iím actually going to make much less sense. Did that make sense to you? I dint think so. I was going through the 600 digi cam and camera phone pics that we took during our trip. Most of them included almost NOTHING. Fin air, trees, mountains,
smoke, fog, mostly people like sita would describe beauty but I call it waste of film and memory in the cameras. Some of that so called beauty was displayed in my previous post.
To tell you the truth I think the most awesome memories among the 600 pictures  that we took which are stored in a CD were those with videos behind them. Yes we had itty bitty videos too.

 Holy I laughed my ass off when I saw a couple of them. One of them included me and neha chasing a cute dog, screaming aiyyaiyyo itís so cute. Wish I could put it up or something. Yes I would be wasting 1 whole minute of your not-so-precious life but does that matter? I DONíT THINK SO.

 If it did well you wouldnít be reading this. Even if I could find a way to put up that video I probably wouldnít cause it includes my name quite a bit and am not giving it away. It gave me and neha weird looks by the way.

Why are these morons following me look. Well this post was basically pointless except for that dog.

Anyway here is the pic of that cute-ass dog.

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