Posted by D.Raw El Payne 28 October 2005, 2:59pm

Serious. Quiet. Not smiling. Speaking sense. Worrying. Thoughtful. Selfish. Making a decision. Standing up to it. Assertive. Focussed.

The race is not over, yet.


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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 21 October 2005, 12:37am

So there's this wheel barrow on campus. Flipped. Here be weird shots. I call them "wheel barrow" and "wheel". Simple aye? :D


Upturned wheels



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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 17 October 2005, 4:24am

What is Life@I like?

Lets see, at 10PM I was taking part in an online event for IRIS 2005 and an hour later there's an online quiz going on for Eco n Int. Business. Last night was a marketing event. We have mid-terms 2 nights from now. There're people preparing forms and other things for certain summer times - marketing themselves. :D There're people finishing off that Fin assignment, there're brains leaking outta commerce-fed heads reading "MIS". :D I can hear sirens wailing and guns rat-tatting away as yet another server for NFS and CS is fired up. Somewhere down the main road along the acad block there are people taking a silent walk taking in the awesome scenery - new bonds formed, existing ones strengthened. There are silent minds at work in the library - an eeriely quiet place. Along the corridors of A,B,C,D blocks everything from heavy metal to girl pop to sambhar music to aashiq banaya aapne to kishore kumar blares outta the myriad of speakers that abound in every room. Computer monitors and laptop screens display presentations with a million bullet-points in each slide as the bleary-eyed soul in front laps it up relentlessly. Endless chatter abounds in a last-minute group meeting for a marketing presentation - last-minute arbit additions are made. A zombie-like human walks to the laundry room and picks up his ironed suit to wear for that same presentation.

Hot steaming maggi is being served right now to the guy who decided to take a break from the rote. The same maggi is being served to another creature who has decided to take a break from watchin 6 movies in a row. Walking along the laws are people with their phones stuck to their ears. There's a thin gangly guy speaking for the last time on that reliance phone. There's a lone soul who looks on into the distance standing on the moonlit terrace, his face lit by the orange haze of the halogen lamps - maybe a moment of inspiration, maybe a moment of retrospection. There's an addict typing out the next spam on the newsgroups. The shuttle zips to and fro on the badminton court, a place which never sleeps. Another printout emerges out of the printer, this time a balance sheet...the next a crossword. There are design wizards at work busy creating masterpieces for IRIS 2005. A business plan is being finalized as an enthusiastic foursome give the finishing touches to their MasterPlan entry. The "tring" sound of Yahoo messenger resonates through the night as conversations continue between students 20metres apart from each other. Eggs are being hurled on the two poor souls who happen to share their birthday...followed by sauce and maybe some curd too. :D The auditorium is a silent place tonight but was host to more than a hundred late-night movie goers last night. Work continues on the new hostel block under construction. The AcadCOM is busy getting together material for preparation for the midterms, CulCOM is drawing up plans for the next big partay, PlaCOM strives to gives us the best we can get...:) There's me typing this here, freezing in the winter breeze flowing in through my window.

A book is closed, the lights switched off, a long day ends. Elsewhere, a room comes to life, as another tome is early day begins. The screams of triumph from the badminton court are an echo in B-block, the last basket for the day is scored in D-block. A bunch of insomniacs take on topics ranging from world peace to b-school peace (IIPM), at the melting pot. Movie credits pass by in one room, as yet another quiz is being prepared in the next. That group-meeting moves onto discussion of AOE tactics and to talk fearing the impending mid-terms. A lonely guitar provides a backdrop reminiscent of rocking music, in an empty C-block common room. Laptops hummm through the night, after a last round of FIFA matches in A-block. Parathas and maggis do not cease to be ordered in the mess.This post reaches an end in B-315.

Life at I. The sun never sets here. Never. :)



PS: Here's yet another picture. Titled Nightouts@I. :D

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Posted by D.Raw El Payne 10 October 2005, 12:15am

I'm in a island in the middle of somewhere. The sky fiery above and the waters a red crimson stretching as far as the eye can see. Is it summer? There are no tall swaying palm trees here, a gull renders its voice to the environment every once in a while. Its just me and my 7-year old Creative speakers against the emptiness.

That first para felt good. Where am I though? In Fin classes in the mornings, yes. A place I never in the wildest of my imagination placed myself. In a place where the word "place" brings to my mind the prospect of answering vague questions like "mention a situation where you were immoral as crazy" in less than 200 words. A place where a esume is a weapon calibrated to the minutest detail, where an extra comma doesn't find its place(there's that word again). The word "summer" in the middle of winter brings up images of me sitting in that hot seat again screaming "please let me complete" all over again. But lets get back to that Fin class.

There are certain exceptions and notions that one enters into an institute with. Some of them ain't always turn out quite right. :D To steer away from being politically incorrect here, lemme jus say that all the good ole gulti bald-headed beacons of education here somehow remind me of the same breed I left behind. :) Education is an intriguing concept and its now that I am finally starting to get me some of the "education". This place is a great example of being inch-perfect in concept and not so very blessed in practice. I do pre-reading before classes, how is that for a sea change? I hear everyone around cribbing that there's too much load and that class presentations must be banned. That a report everyday is a concept for nuts. But then, when you are like me - a "student" passing out of a system steeped in ancient practices - you want more of it. I do crib, I do make it sound like we are all here for learning in alternate ways, all the while hoping that the perennial sword of assignments hanging over my empty head is not taken away. What am I trying to say? That I'm slowly starting to learn how to make me learn. :D

In other news, this blogging thingy is apparently a big thing. There are people out there (other than the 30-35 who know my identity) who are cognizant of my identity. There are people who monitor this slice of the internet that I have here. There are institutes who sue you for defamation. There are losers who need to get some perspective. Okay, it wasn't me - I ain't half that famous. Head over here for further details though >>   My benign neighbour is a celebrity now! Oh where lies my spotlight! 8-}

They are starting to speak all those big words here now "GDP", "bonds", "loss", "cost" all those things. :-s We are also starting to use smaller words like "segmentation", "positioning" and all those fine terms. \:D/  

Finally, its great to be calling myself "a creative, self-motivated individual" again. To say all that crap feels good, real good. Here's wishing me all the very best for the next 2 weeks.


PS: I won myself the 2nd prize in a phodahgrafy kontest hea. I knew all those hours spent under the moonlight trying to take that ONE shot would pay off. :D Below is my entry. Titled "Waste Committee's Transport", go figure!



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