3 Oct 2005


Posted by rishabh in Personal | 3:48pm

Yep thats how he looks in the new LUX ad. Umm, yea like i was sayin, the add also has a sequel. So thats 120 seconds of gay airtime.
Aiite, it all started like a month ago, when I fisrt saw it. There was SRK, India's Sweetheart, in a bath tub, with rose petals, and milk, shirtless(duh!), with the water an inch below his point sized nipples, he delivered his line, "LuX, aur kya". At first I thought it was a parody or sumthin like that. But i realised it wasn;t. The gr8 SRK was actually advertising for LUX bathing soap!
It was weird. nd not b4 long, there was the sequel to it. This one was freaky.The tub, with SRK in it, surrounded by LUX faces on yesteryear, HemaJi, Sri Devi, Kareena, and sum other bitches, all grinnig at him in a weird horny shit way. He introduces them all with one adjective, check this out, "Sensous" sri devi, ROFL...
And then i dunno why, they all advance towards him and drown him, and the ad finishes
After it ends, you don't know what to do, to laugh, to pity him, to forget it, whateva, whateva the case may be, you start to look at SRK in a totally different way.
Is that a grin I see on KARAN JOHAR's and Manish Malhotra's face???

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