12 Oct 2005

MP3 and more

Posted by rishabh in Personal | 9:57pm

Searching for pirated MP3's hyderabad can be a real pain in the ass. For one, hyderabad doesn't have such a huge western esp rock following as other places like delhi, mumbai and b'lore. I go to b'lore evey summer, and its in-ur-face sorta attitude is so totally different from hyd. People smooching on the road, shirts of kurt cobain and Liverpool jerseys being worn by one and all, and music being sold as freebies(is that an oxymoron?). sadly thats b'lore.
Hyderabad is quite different. me and my friend went out to buy music mp3's, just coz we were bored, and i had finished my assignments. we asked the internet cfafe guy near my house for help. he told me you get them at aditya enclave, viz like this huge IT building, not that hi tech, the place is filled with IT training centres, atleast 500. After spending an hour there asking people like losers whether mp3's were availible, and gettin negative response, we decided to get real and get outta there.bloody most of them thought we were regular sex offender, because of our laurel and hardy appearance, we were quite the unusual people to be roaming there.
I had heard that you get mp3's in honk kong bazaar in secbad. went there. there are like 10 shops or sumthin there. apparently only one shop had them. that too that place was filled with chandni bar type of albums and hindi crap. my pal likes hindi so he got all this hindi shit like aashiq banaya aapne and iqbal and love on sms shit. i was furious. the guy has only 12 english vcd's, out of which 11 were like forgotton song albums like ricky martin and n sync shit. the only decent album that was there was the ultimate collectiuon of AC/DC, each and every of their songs. quite appealing? i already had it. so i had to return single handedly, with a frankie in my hand. i was hugely disappointed. my pal suggested we go to koti viz like at the other end of the city, i was like screw it. bahut hogaya, i wanna go home. he was like ok.chill. and we did. went ova to a pals place, thankfully, he keeps in touch with latest rock, got a gb full of videos and i was happy again. why buy original cd's when u have fake mp3? why buy fake mp3's when you have pals giving you more for free? lesson learnt.

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