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Time to introduce to my cousin

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Over the weekend,

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Groovy baby, its almost weekend!!! This is the latest audible on the yahoo chat. Unlike about two years back, I am not zapped by these

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Busy making plans? Check out, else you might be slipping life happening paralelly. More often than not, all of us are looking some thing big to happen to us and fail to realise the beauty of the smaller and finer things that keep bumping our way.

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I am leaving for Hyderabd this evening and I m filled with immense happiness about the fact that I will be meeting family and friends.


I ll be meeting Kumar. Caf

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While I am painting this document in black there is a slight glint of excitement in my heart. I have often felt this whenever, I am liking whatever I am reading. For the moment I think the definition of bliss is reading Chetan Bhagat`s Five Point Someone and listening to Clapton`s Crossroads. Reading everyday is coaxing me to write everyday. I wonder when I will be able to write like the people I read.


Words don

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My relocation to the Silicon Valley of India has given me a new friend. Silence is my latest company back home. Silence is a strange pal. It is Loving and caring sometimes and criminally depressing at other times

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Oh how much I love when it greets me when I come back home tired and enervated from the office chores. Right from the doormat, the beanbag, the easy chair, the wall clock, the couch and even the walls, all start screaming out loud their silence as soon as I open the lock of my house door, as if they were missing me all through the day. It

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Here I am writing this note after an itch that could not be scratched to reduce. Carrie Bradshaw should own the guilt for my writing adventures. Columnist - that

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