Posted by Deidamea 16 November 2005, 2:55am

life sucks

dust allergies suck even more

it snowed today, first snow of the winter, MY nose is killing my head, am not liking it.


i really liked this pic, so much effect and all, feel like doing just that but well, i dont see that happening.



Posted by Deidamea 15 November 2005, 10:38am
My homepage is and it had one line written on it "I am the 12th man in my family-Ruskin Bond" i just glanced at it and i clicked on something else. Then my minded send a signal to my fingers begging it to hit the back button.

I knew Ruskin Bond even before i could spell my own name, but i just realized that VERY recently when i was in musooire. Rusking bond always had the words,to say things like no-one else.

explorevijay asks why people write when they are able to SPEAK?
RuskinBond says Writing is also a form of expression

I know am not much of a writer or anything but..... ugh i wanted to say something anddd, well i just lost my thoughts, shows how much of a writer I am.

Anyway today is November 14th, Childrens day, always, always, always, loved this day for reasons that I dont want to discuss, BUT BUT BUT if there are kids who read this blog (gawd stop right now its just BAD for u) Happy Childrens day :)

P.S:We got a book signed by Ruskin Bond when we were in Mussorie, the shop keeper got it done for us and when we enquired about him, he said that we just missed him, sad eh. anyway chikoo called him up and spoke to him, he was sooooooo cuteeeee in her own words:)

Posted by Deidamea 11 November 2005, 12:25am

I saw a movie yesterday, I plan to bug the living hell out of you by talking about it, I saw Charlie and the chocolate factory last night, now this is an exceptionally interesting movie. As I watched it, for the first time ever, in my life, I was wondering, IF Iím supposed to like it or not. It was approximately 2hours. I want those 2 hours of my life BACK. It a fucking weird ass movie and I donít know what to think of it, I donít remember the last time a movie bothered me so much.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Itís a chocolate fantasy, itís what every kid imagines. The movie is nothing but fragments of the simplest form of imagination. Right about now Iím really beginning to hate Johnny Depp and I never thought Iíd say that.


Posted by Deidamea 08 November 2005, 5:01am
I have been Tagged by Michael

1)Six things I wanna do before I die
Go Sky diving
Spend 6months in Europe ( A bunch of places that I wanna go to)
Travel in a space ship (I donít see that happening)
Buy me a boat house OR spend 6months in a ridiculously expensive cruise.
Learn to play the guitar (properly)
Get a tortoise (I donít know why)

2) Six things I cant do
Talk endlessly (Not my thing)
Watch lots of television (Just only, not my thing)
Walk for hours. (Who are you kidding?)
Spend time with my cousins (Gosh some of them are a pain in places I wouldnít even mention.
Stay awake for 24 hrs( and whine about it for the next 24hrs.)
Drink vodka from a bottle (I tried it)

3)Six things I say the most
Ah Ah OK (thatís what I say if I have no clue what the other person is talking.)
Oh hell, whatever
Really (For just about everything)

4) Six things I can do
Drive (I am perfect)(Shut up)
Be quiet (When I hate people around me)
Study (my school course work without bugging people around me)
Live without reading novels (Totally)
Stand smoking (Iíve become a victim of second hand smoking ever since I visited India in the summer.)
Handle dogs, all kinds of them.

5)Six things that attract me about opposite sex
Smart (Not just a 4.0 gpa kind, itís a little more than that Dorkey Mc Geeky)
Good Sense of Humor
Tall (Definitely, donít go 7.2 , love )
Dressing sense

6)Six celebrity crushes
Chad Michael Murray
Josh Harnett
Tom Morello (GAWD)
Abhishek Bachan
Matt Czuchry
Jason Behr

7)Six people I wanna tag
Non-sensei(When he decides to look at my blog)
Nay these are all the people I plan on tagging considering I cant think of any right now.
Feel free to add yourself to it (IF YOU WANT)

p.s: sorry sitey i havent done ur tag thingie, will do it

Posted by Deidamea 02 November 2005, 6:35am
Everysingle day passes by with me waiting for something to happen, what, I donít know. All I really care about right now and for the next 3 years is what I do every single day, am taking this shit all life as it comes and it aint getting any prettier as days pass by. Its true that as you get older the more irritating become the things around you, yet there is this tiny ray of hope that makes you think that may be there is just something better in the future that is worth getting over the shitty day/month/ year that you had. As unappealing as that sounds currently my life seems like a perfect definition of nothingness to me. Combined with exams and work its nothing but a disappointment to my very existence. Full of shit, I could search every dictionary in this world and I couldnít be able to put it in better words. Iím feeling very frustrated right about now, you could even say pessimistic. I have my reasons, they arenít worth even mentioning, which is also one of the reasons am irritated. You know, when you really think about it, your nothing in this world, there isnít going to be a world war 3 if you, live, die, speak, scream or even become a victim of self annihilation when you are so fucking insignificant, why the fuck do things around you matter so much? I had a very very very bad day and to account to the fact that itís Diwali and am in nothing but pain about something that am not even sure I understand is all the more frustrating.

Posted by Deidamea 01 November 2005, 8:14am
Turns out I'm good at deleting posts, i clicked on delete instead of edit.


deal with it
It's halloween, kids are running and screaming here. Basically what i'd like to say is Happy Diwali. I kinda miss my dog, the look on his face when a 1000ladi goes off, worth a million bucks. hehhe
am just plain evil, i know.

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