Oh my god they made Jet Li cry!

They even tried to make him emote.

"The past is behind you.
The future is what lies ahead"

Hohohohoh! Okay, I reallly need to understand why I do this to myself. Why the f__k do I have to spoil the awesome after-taste of a perfect movie with a pathetic one. 2 movies in 2 nights, one the pinaccle of powerful cinema delivery, the other the heights of hindi masala, english style.

The second movie first: Danny the Dog.

I should have stopped this movie at the titles itself. I mean, jus cuz the filename was "untitled.avi" and curiosity led me to open it doesn't mean I go through the ordeal of watching the damn thing! Anyway, so Danny the Dog is Jet Li with a metal collar - you take it out he kills, you keep it on he emotes. Wow. Somewhere along the line the emoting part starts to get serious and he goes on to say the word "piano", this after gazing for hours on end at an alphabet book which has waaay too gay words assigned for each letter. How does "K for kiss","L for love", "M for milk" and "P for piano" sound? A sexually explicit alphabet book thats how! :|  Moving on, Danny beats up more ppls and ze master realizes he can make some big dosh by letting him kick some butt in an arena. They get the dosh, twist in the tale and Danny ends up at nice blind black man's house. The same guy who showed the Dog a piano. Morgan Freeman in a role which makes his nose look bigger than ever - its the glasses I believe.

Danny the robotic Aibo(redundancy intended), gets in touch with his inner self - much like all the celebrities of his time...with help from a(yes you guessed it) FEMALE LEAD ACTRESS! Lil known actress in the role of Victoria - a girl with braces who finds the Dog cute. How perfecto. Movie drawls for 45 mins, Danny gets human. Old master not dead(duh), finds Danny. Bloodshed begins again, 40 mins too late if you ask me. Major bloodshed, Danny gets onto "protecting his family". The torture ends with big burly Master and Danny in a showdown in a setting similar to the death of his mother (oh yeah, there's a character I forgot to mention). Blind black man and bracesgirl watch from the closet as their good ole Danny beats the living crap out of Master. More crappy dialogues follow.

"You're a dog. You're my dog. I fed you. I trained you. I own you.And I should kill you. Like any responsible owner would do to a dog."

Yeah baby! Fight-le-grande ends with Big-nose Freeman teaching Danny some principles on NOT KILLING! 'cuz killing would make him an animal. Uh ok, Danny the Dog. Victoria gets senti, gives off show with piano in big concert. Stupid joke about collar in the end. Movie done. Me thinking - why the f__k did I have to watch? To be fair, atleast the movie stayed away from the arbit nekkidness scene which is compulsory in this genre. Wow again. Yeah yeah, the fight scenes kicked solid arse. :|


The first movie second: Requiem for a Dream.

I'm sure that title rings a bell for many reading this. A movie I'd promised myself I'd watch a zillion years ago but never got around to. Well, I finally did. Damn, am I grateful. :) P o w e r f u l. This here is a movie which doesn't fucking mince anything. In spite of the extremely explicit nature of the sequences in the movie, I never felt that they were there just for the heck of it. The very fact that I'm kinda falling short of words to describe the movie means that its good. Payne can blabber when he hates, Old Jungle saying.

Goldfarb is a family of two - mom and son. Son, druggy. Mom, innocent aged loving mother. Black guy, son's partner in crime. Green-eyed girl, female lead (Jeniffer Conelly in a stunning performance). From the titles to the credits, the movie gives one NO friggin' breather. Following Harry's journey into doom with dope and Sarah Goldfarb's obsession with television leading to her to the abyss, the movie grips you by the balls and leaves you fucked up. The different emotions portrayed are so real and yet so surreal in the context.

From the loneliness of the mom who has noone left by her anymore to the love of the son for his mom, the "romance from the next dimension" of the lead pair, from hope to despair, from pain to happiness. As if the storyline and the way it plays out weren't riveting enough, you have the haunting soundtrack which makes sure the movie will never leave your back - even after Danny the Dog.

But the deal-clincher is this>>> This is one movie which has the power to deliver the toughest message - drugs do not pay. They take away pretty much everythin in return for that trip. This movie is a trip by itself. Its fucking depressing at times and the truly shocking at other times. Scary too, very.  Sorrow, shock and horror, perfect carriers for the message.

Watch this movie. Please. If you do not like it, you are either stoned or you are Danny the Dog (redundancy again).

Sara Goldfarb: "In the end it's all nice. "



How can a Payne post end without a pic?

I call this one - Loneliness


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