The history of man as I feel is a cauldron of audacities,cowardice,wisdom, foolishness, righteousness, greed of a few handfuls of people. Some known some unknown. The history of this planet since the time Adam ate the apple has been a function of power. The need of power. The right to power. The survival of the powerful. These handful of mortals made it sure that this is the only cause for all that is around us.

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God knows what India would be like if vasco had not discovered it for the west.Indians probably wouldn`t have been oppressed by the British.I wonder what kind of life  the barman in cuba would  be leading if that country wasn`t taken up my Fidel castro.The  serb farmer would probably have grown wheat instead of mines if it weren`t for  Slobodan Milosevic and his Yougaslavian National Army.Che Guvera was killed else argentina wouldn`t have been a thrid world country.If Min ho wasn`t influenced by Marx, China would probably be the biggest super power long long back.But for Hitler, we wouldn`t know about two towns in Japan

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