30 Jan 2006

Confessions of a Bigamist

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Silence is my beloved
Speech, the mistress
I am married to both
I am Life

When errands are done
It is to the beloved
That I must return to
I am Life

30 Jan 2006


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IITians form political party

All the very best!

27 Jan 2006

The Magic of First Love

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Listless moments of sweet uncertainty
Hankering of an unreasonable heart
A life that rested at her mercy
All now gone and vanished
Where to and why, I wonder

Days of easy mirth and tender tears
When a glance made all the difference
Between delight and gloom
All now gone and vanished
Where to and why, I wonder

Words whose mere utterance was musical
And made life a rapturous prose
Laughter that my ears treasured
All now gone and vanished
Where to and why, I wonder

Smiles that filled the days with joy
Tears that shattered the world
A world meant for only two
All now gone and vanished
Where to and why, I wonder

Tresses that danced with the breeze
Flowers that longed to adorn her
Are all gone, leaving behind
A frigid heart and memories ethereal
Why this had to be so, I wonder

27 Jan 2006

Beyond Jingoism

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Another Republic Day, with its characteristic pomp and hype, is over. Impressive phrases, exaggerated statistics, inane talk-shows, lopsided analyses - overall, a good PR exercise. Somehow, it works. Year after year after year! For how many more years, I wonder?

If at all we care for India, we should lift the bedecked curtain and be honest enough to acknowledge its sorry state -

"You see a big, big shift within the Indian elite in terms of what its priorities are. Something in politicians, the way they abase themselves before the United States, is quite shocking; if you remember that it was India which had pioneered non-alignment and independent foreign policies."

If reality matters: Interview with Tariq Ali

23 Jan 2006


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Perched aloft the leafless branch
He looked into the distance
And beheld the flight of many a bird
Shaken, devastated and homeless
Grim looked the sky
The road strewn with blood
The blood of his kin

Play wouldn't amuse him any more
Leaving behind the leafless branch
Days of promise and opulent home
He reached for the skies
To embrace languid melancholy
And embark on the journey to nowhere

21 Jan 2006

Stroll With Camus

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"It is true that we cannot 'escape History', since we are in it  up to our necks. But one may propose to fight within History to preserve from History that part of man which is not its proper province."

- Albert Camus

"He who despairs over an event is a coward, but he who holds hopes for the human condition is a fool."

- Albert Camus 

11 Jan 2006

Group Dynamics

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"Performance appraisals impede genuine feedback, and thereís no solid evidence that it motivates people or lead to meaningful improvement. In fact it usually produces distorted and unreliable data about the contribution of employees.  Consequently, the resulting documentation isnít useful for staffing decisions and often doesnít hold up in court. Too often, appraisal destroys human spirit and, in the span of a 30-minute meeting, can transform a vibrant, highly committed employee into a demoralized, indifferent wallflower who reads want ads on the weekend.

"This isnít just our opinion. A survey by the Society for Human Resources Management found that more than 90% of appraisal systems are not successful.  Hundreds of other studies and surveys also support the gross inadequacies of performance appraisals.

"In large part, appraisals fail because the very notion of rating people clashes with human nature. The overwhelming majority of people view themselves as excellent performers. In fact, 80% see themselves in the top quarter of all performers. Telling them otherwise is deflating, not motivating. People see mediocre ratings as a lack of appreciation. Supervisors realize this, and this is why most are so reluctant to conduct appraisals.

"Perhaps the greatest incentive for performance appraisals is their value in determining raises, bonuses and promotions. However, benefits to people who receive greater-than-average-awards are usually short term and have little impact on improving their value in the organization. More important, these awards are de-motivators to the rest of the organization."

Source: Abolishing Performance Appraisals by Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins 

How I wish this gets into the head of those chaps who never grow up and get out of the silly circus of judging and getting judged! The team was doing fine sans any appraisal system hitherto. For some fucken reason, some people thought the team should have processes, monitoring, and all that shit. I wonder where these chaps pick up these ideas from. Maybe from those blah-blah books one finds in 'self-help' section at bookstores.

No wonder, just as we have politicians we deserve, we have the processes our immaturity demands for. Man only talks about freedom but is absolutely uncomfortable with it when offered. He prefers to be confined, controlled and screwed. Not without reason that dependence is so rooted in his psyche. Unfortunately, when applied across groups, the few chaps who want to stand out also get the lashes.

Courtesy the Second Law of Thermodynamics, "Ordered systems tend to disorder and disordered systems tend to stay that way". It's impossible to make the world sane even in a century, but it's far easier to maintain mediocrity through generations and eras.

Well, as with most other things, majority opinion is sacred. So, silly things are here to stay. Amen! I just wish I collect myself - at my 30-minute meeting - and say (like Meursault in Camus's The Stranger or David Lurie in Coetzee's Disgrace or John in Coetzee's Youth would), "Please cut out that crap, and just tell me the rating and the percentage of hike or cut. No explanations, no questions, no fucken stuff". Or something like that!    

5 Jan 2006


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Happy New Year 2006
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