When I woke up this afternoon (it is Sunday for the sake of God!), the world did not make sense to me, the same way it does not makes sense to me every weekday morning. Mondays are the worst, however. I wake up with the worst case of Monday morning blues ever recorded in the history of mankind. I get to work with the most disgruntled feeling. As the day wears on, the blues start to disappear and by 3 pm I start looking forward to Friday again.

Fridays are happy days. They are days meant for wrapping work up early, days meant for doing your thing. Put differently, they are days meant for living whatever pathetic little excuse we have for a life. Now I am not the partying kind. Officially because I don't like the noise and the hustle-bustle. Honestly because no one ever invites me to those cool parties. Either way, I do not know what a hangover feels like because I have never had one.

Thus my Saturday mornings start reasonably early and are meant to take care of the routine things like payment of bills, visit to the bank, and other mundane things that we regularly have to do to prevent our lives from becoming a living hell. Come Sunday and from about 6 pm onwards depression starts to set in, the intensity of which goes up and up till I hit the sack.

Anyway, these three paragraphs above can easily be skipped for they convey nothing that anyone with a head on their shoulders would not know or would want to be told. All except the first six words 'When I woke up this afternoon' because after my head had cleared up sufficiently enough for me to identify promos of those shows on television that I really really really hate, I wondered why I had not ever spewed my venom.

As soon as the thought flashed, the answer came too. As they say in showbiz, no publicity is bad publicity. Why should the shows I really really really hate have another platform where they are being talked about? But that does not mean I should not talk about them. I need to. I read this in someone's mail's signature line, 'If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?'. I have absolutely no idea what it means (come on, can anyone understand it?) but this seemed like a pretty good place to use it.

Sadly, it still does not settle the matter. That brings up another point. When sayings, proverbs, idioms, similies, metaphors, oxymorons, etc. fail to settle the matter should they be stripped off their status? And if they are stripped off their status should those painfully inane shows be pulled off the air too? And if they were pulled off the air then how would I have made my 34th post on this blog?

Damn, I almost wrote that in the same style as that thing I read in someone's signature. Is this a sign?

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Do I believe in something strongly enough to give my life to the cause? Would I choose a hell now or a hell hereafter? Would I fight my battle today or run away to run away another day? In other words, have I already utilised my brain capacity for the year by contemplating such profound matters of my existence?

I am not one of those men who think. I believe we can, as a race, spend our time far more productively if we do not exercise that all important muscle - the one between our ears, I mean. All that should have been thought of has already been. What good would come of colliding protons in the Large Hadron Collider? Why would I want to know that electricity can cause cancer when there is no way in hell I am going to ever want to live without it?

Ever since I came across "Ambition is just a ruse for those who are incapable of being lazy" I have been enamoured by the sheer brilliance of the statement. There are layers to it that go deep, real deep, so deep in fact that it takes someone with a very stubborn shovel to dig it all up. The real beauty, however, lies in the whole exercise being oxymoronic. To learn to appreciate the statement you need to have some serious drive in you to explore the cavernous depths and unearth its true meaning. Once you do that, you will begin to marvel at the extreme futility of the trouble you went through to understand what should have been pretty obvious.

You might even begin to hate yourself a little, which is not such a bad thing when seen in light of the other extreme of the situation - being completely self-absorbed. Actually, being self-absorbed is not a bad thing at all. I would consider that to be the closest one can come to self-actualisation. So, yeah. May be you are an apathetic loser if you hate yourself. How can you expect anyone else to love you if you don't? Don't they say that God helps those who help themselves?

Current Mood: Gloomy
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