Have I finally crossed the line from being a kid to growing up? Maybe, the events leading to this post might well make me believe in it.

Blaring trance music, a riot of colors from the blinking lights and the various concealed lighting thingies, the myriad expressions around - grinning/thoughtful/smiling/melancholic...so many people, so many stories, so much alcohol. Some dance to remember, some drink to forget...some post blogs far away from the madding music. There's a party rocking down stairs, which I've given a miss - as I always do. What I post here is just to jot down as a milestone in my life, its time to do a "Things I've learnt" post.

Things I've learnt : January 14-31, 2006

-- Being through tough times does not necessarily make a person tougher. Its not what you've been through that matters, its how you came through.

-- I'll never let go of things I love doing. Even if it means doing a near thankless job.

-- An expected loss can sometimes be better than an unanticipated victory when you learn more from it.

-- Losing hurts, twice hurts more. Losing unfairly hurts even longer.

-- A quote from an old post: "someday u'll look back on this day and laugh" - syko, April 11th, 1:36PM. Someday I'll look back on this week and smile, I hope.

-- People, no matter how intellectually balanced they may seem, will never behave as individuals when thrown in to a community atmosphere. Research should be done on this, the results can be quite stunning. Herd mentality rules, everywhere.

-- There are few individuals, even fewer thinking ones.

-- Never have I believed more that the journey is more important than the destination - especially when you don't get there.

-- I have actually stopped being the 'popular' guy. Wow.

-- Thinking about one thing over and over and over again will not make it better. Moving on is f____ing difficult.

-- This place is so full of oddities, its getting difficult to keep a track of 'em.

-- Sometimes it pays to just dance. No strings attached, just. Maybe I'll do that someday.


Most of what I wrote above may not make sense to a lot of people reading this, the others will simply not read it. :) By not putting down anything explicitly I'm using this blog for what its worth - a nice lil milestone to carve a few lines on.

This is my first post in 2006, I never really said goodbye to 2005. Should do that. If only to say a proper Hi to 2006 - we haven't gotten along very well so far. *shrugs*

This is Payne signing out.

Good morning new day.

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