2 Feb 2006

What is Your Secret?

Posted by Oblivion in General | 4:21pm

Bernard Levin: Krishnaji, what is the secret? What do you know that the rest of us don't know?

K: Oh, I don't know about that!

BL: But you must know something. Look at you--serene, realized, content, with no conflict--how have you managed it? What is it?

K: I have never had conflict in my life.

BL: No conflict? You must be almost unique among human beings if that's so.

K: It's not because of circumstances, because I was protected, because of any outside influence that kept me safe. I think it was a realization that conflict destroys not only the mind but the whole sensitivity of awareness. So I've never had conflict; which seemed quite natural to me, it wasn't an effort not to be in conflict.

BL: Well, for most of us it is an effort, so how can we conquer it?

K: I think it comes really when you have a direct perception that conflict destroys human dignity, a human sense of depth. If you have a deep insight into that, it stops immediately--for me.

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