The world will never be the same once you've seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump.

Last night over the course of 4 hours I watched Forrest Gump for the first time. Damn, am I disappointed I dint see it earlier. The movie encompasses every human emotion, every phase of a great man's life. It is a story so well told, one will be led to look beyond the almost impossibility of the incidents. A story so well told, you will wonder if its almost true. A story so imaginative, I was left with a big grin after every subtle anecdote (the Shit Happens one-liner, the Apple Computers buy, the Elvis step) related by Forrest.

But most of all, the movie beats almost every movie I've seen to the top because of the protagonist. More importantly, for the seeming stupidity of the character. In every walk of life, whether it be as an engineering students, a B-schooler, a commerce chap, a corporate biggie or whatever...its so easy to get caught in the trap called caution, to analyse, to fear. No wait, its not the stupidity of the character - its the simplicity. There's so much to learn from the for my own benefit I shall now bring out my B-school way of putting down things - the bullet-points way.

- Live life. Do not fear consequence. Chance may favor sometimes,and may not some other times. But in the end, atleast you won't regret not having taken the step forward.

- The more we analyse, the more monotonous our life gets. The sheer joy that lies doing something impulsive, not knowing the future - is the joy of life. :)

- Be straightforward. Keep it simple. Always. Stay honest with yourself and others.

- Give luck its chance. Have faith. :) Love. Even if you have no idea what it means. :D

...but hey, by writing off so many things about the movies in bullet-points and all I'm actually killing the movie for all it is. It is after all a movie that begs everyone to LIVE...hence I shall do that now. Live by having a nice sumptuous dinner. :D 'cuz thats how I live. B-) A major feast awaits.

Signing off with some of the best quotes of all times..

"Mamma always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

"Sometimes, I guess there's just not enough rocks. " - Forrest Gump

"Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don't have to worry about money no more. And I said, that's good! One less thing.  " - Forrest Gump referring to Apple Computer :D

"I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze. But I, I think maybe it's both. " - Forrest Gump

Signed out.

Loving inconclusive, incomplete posts.

PS: Saw history unfold. The Aussie vs SA match. :) Was there to watch it. I don't think it was the bestest match of all time though - that title is reserved to a LOT of matches. One more SA/Aussie match comes to mind - 1999 World Cup semi-finals. Klusener and Donald fighting for that one run which wasn't to be. :(

PPS: Have some nice news coming up. :D

PPPS: One more pic for the blog. The updated collection over here.

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