This note might not interest people who do not live by rules. I do not live by rules either. But for this something or that another we all have certain rules which we would not want to break. Like Carrie always has a rule that she will not sleep with any guy on her first date with him. Betty has certain rules about men and so does Lamina. Chris never wanted to be involved with any girl physically until he was sure that he is going to marry her. That was his rule. All of us have some rules, some of us know them and some know them only subconsciously.

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All is fine now. But sure as many of us have rules, that many of us have broken them at some point or another. Do we break them on purpose or are we cornered by our deluges to break them? Going by things that have been happening of late, looks like there is an eternal paradox and a terminal curse to mankind. That whether ourselves or due to certain series of occurring which some of us call fate, we keep breaking our rules as if it

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