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krishnachaitanya | 3 April 2006, 8:17pm

I ussually not in the habit of writing,but i am a keen observer of things,today as i got a call from friend &was walking on my way to meet him,as the scorching heat was itching my head i thought to a gulp of orange juice,as i stopped at a Bandi who sells i saw a guy ,he made me a glass of juice,it was as usual watery as i complained,the guy took my glass &punched 2 fruits into &gave me to have the taste (i was amazed at the sense of guys business technique),any individual who has a eye would easily turn up for the guys juice refreshment, as i being a enthusiast of business learnt a lesson from this guy of a very basic technique of business ,wat u say guys.dont you feel the guy is misplaced!

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