6 Apr 2006

The Daily Chronicles!

Posted by Divakar in General | 7:03pm

Coffee with newspaper,
A ten minute drive to work.

An artificial smile,
a forceful "good morning".

A chain of emails,
the reluctant responses.

A google toolbar,
and a yahoo messenger.

The smile for the day,
at the status "Available/Idle".

Managing a set of projects,
a bunch of workbooks.

An unwanted meeting,
discussions with dummies.

Lunch at the pantry,
mastering the "Art of War".

The continuing chaos,
the buzz on the floor.

The goodbyes for the day,
a ten minute drive back home.

The war of the news channels,
parents and the dinner.

The room of the metal Gods,
and the bed to insanity.

Thoughts of an angel,
"DREAMS" of an endless hope.


*Coming Soon: "The Weekend Chronicles"


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