It is no secret that Twigrl is our favourite commenter. By our, I mean Aran's and mine. We find her not only adorable, but her idealism is quite endearing too. So, when Twigrl leaves a comment on my previous post it had to spur me on to write sooner rather than later. Not only because not writing would be highly disapproved of by Twigrl but also because not doing so would invite the ire of Aran, who I have grown quite fond of in the last two years.

This fine evening, and yes the evening was very fine despite the summer being a bitch this year the same way it has been a bitch each year prior to the year when we say in the months of winter that summer last season was a bitch, Aran and I decided to meet up over a cup of coffee. We do this once every one hundred and fifty six years, just as a reminder that there is flesh and blood too behind our virtual selves.

We were at what used to be my favourite coffee place till a couple of years ago, that is before everyone in Hyderabad wanted to be in it every Sunday afternoon thereby depriving me of my much needed scrabble time. What transpired there, though, might get the place back on my radar of favourite watering holes. Oh, no. Lest you all should start thinking of a HEA kind of a scenario between Aran and I, nothing of that sort transpired between us.

The transpiration in question concerns two women who decide to use the unisex loo of the place at the same time. This loo is only meant to be used by one person at a time. Now I am not one to jump to conclusions, and it is perfectly fine for two people to want to use the loo at the same time in moments of desperation. But when the duration of the use exceeds fifteen minutes, then it does not take rocket science to draw conclusions. More so, if you happen to be a hormonally active heterosexual male. Such things come easily to this kind.

And, puhlease! I am not going to rat on about the kind of images that my mind conjured up. That would be sickening. Why? 'Cause imagination is not dead, damnit!

I am publishing this post without the express written consent of Aran. I also realise that Twigrl may not be very approving of this post. But I thought for the benefit of the other blog reading junta (read hormonally active heterosexual males), incidents like these must never be kept under wraps.

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