As we go through the various motions (to borrow a phrase from ESPN commentators - unlike a certain author (name not really required - she (used purely for making the language non-sexist) could not manage to hide her sources, thereby making the cardinal sin of breaking the now legendary law proposed by Albert Einstein) - I am in the habit of citing sources when I know I cannot pass something off as my own) of life, we come across phrases that are infinitely precious (to borrow a phrase from my dear Aran).

A few nights (Aran and I are in the habit of spending many a night with each other, and lest people's active imaginations should become over-active all that night-spending is done over messenger) ago, we had a small discord and I decided that enough was finally enough. And I wanted to lay it easy on the poor girl. After all, she has been through a lot for/with me over the last two and some years.

If there is anything that I appreciate about the software industry (seriously, can anything about it be appealing at all?) it is the absolute shamelessness with which components are re-used and re-purposed, how stuff is templatised. Being as it is that I happen to be a part of this industry, it was only a matter of time before I applied industry practices to my personal life. I am not happy about it but then even the best among us sometimes have bad hair days. This one, though, was especially bad.

Anyway, I intended to use the standard break-up template. What did I say? Quote:

"It is not me, it is you".

May be it was a Freudian slip. I don't know. But what I do know is that we ended up laughing our respective asses off. And Aran accorded it a place in the hall of the infinitely precious phrases.

PS: Feels good to finally be back to writing nonsense.
PPS: Using a PS in one's writing usually signifies bad writing skills.
PPPS: Sometimes, though, a PS adds to the effect.
PPPPS: Aran and I have not parted ways yet.

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