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Visitors to my blog and its reviews

Sandeep | 12 August 2006, 12:09pm

I always wondered how these guys review movies? To be blunt and honest they are pretty pathetic at reviewing a movie. They hit the bulls wye may be 20% of the times. What infuriates me is the way they hype up the movies with big banners with their crappy reviews. Sometimes it makes me feel if they take money and write the reviews. KANK is a fresh example. Agreed that (Taran Adarsh to be specific) is invited to its premiere, does that mean he misguides people by using all flowery words for a crappy movie? I can't believe he gave 4.5/5 for KANK. And ofcourse this is not the only incidence. Lakshya, LOC, Paheli, Mangal Pandey, Fanaa and so on. Honestly tell me how many of the above mentioned movies deserve high ratings? He keeps giving excellent reviews for big banners. Sad state of affairs. Rediff reviews are much better than Taran Adarsh's. His reviews these days are getting onto me. So stereotypical in praising movies.

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Bommarillu pressmeet

Sandeep | 10 August 2006, 10:40pm

Bommarillu success meet was held at Sri Venkateshwara creations office and every one in the unit seemed to be very happy with the result (who would not when a movie shaped up so well. Just wanted to update you guys with the news from Pressmeet. Anyways, very happy that a talented guy like Siddarth is being embraced very well by telugu people inspite of him being not from this region (he is a Tamilian who is from Delhi). He has struck gold with this picture. Here is another example of how the combination of talent and hardwork can achieve anything. Atleast now I hope our cliched newspapers and websites stop whining about only actor's sons becoming heroes! Here is a link to Idlebrain.

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Bommarillu rocks big time

Sandeep | 10 August 2006, 2:53pm

 Hmm, just got the wonderful news that Siddarth starrer Bommarillu is super duper hit. The most encouraging news is that the movie unanimously is like by every single person and not even a single negative remark has come out so far. The movie is sure shot money spinner in cities and towns while it could be an above average grosser in villages (I hate to use the words 'A', 'B' and 'C' centers). The movie is released with 77 prints and could very well go up to 120-130 in next 2 weeks. Such is the craze for this movie. From initial reports the movie is expected to collect around 10 to 15 crores while running for 100 days in 20 to 25 centers.

'Dil' Raju surely has the taste and this is his 4th consecutive blockbuster with 4 different directors and heroes. Amazing achievement for a producer. Genelia rocked in her role while Siddarth is good as usual. What a talented artiste he is! Prakash Raj's role is a cakewalk for the veteran while Jayasudha exceled in the climax. Sunil after a long time has come up with excellent comedy. Though the direction department has to be extravagantly parised for the deft handling of the subject, but I am restraining from doing so as I am not sure how much of inputs did 'Dil' Raju give. The talent of director is only known if he is succesful with variety of producers. So, I will deal this with caution. Music of the film is better on screen than on Audio. The picturization is perfect. Devisriprasad has good skills when it comes to background music and he has done a terrific job there. Nice work Devi.


Well, Siddarth and Genelia struck it. Sure to bag some more roles of this genre. Devisriprasad will be back after a brief hiatus. Dil Raju will continue his march towards achieving the impossible of having a 100% hot record. Telugu industry has got a new talent in Bhaskar (director). The movie is simply perfect for everyone including family audience. A must watch.

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Sania fails to clear "Jankovic" hurdle yet again

Sandeep | 9 August 2006, 2:46pm

Sania lost 2-6, 6-7 to Jankovic at the JP Morgan Chase WTA tournament in Los Angeles. This is the third consecutive time Sania is losing to the Serbian when ever these two women faced each other. There is nothing much to rave about a match where an Indian lost in the first round. First set was a cake walk for Jankovic with Sania facing problem with almost every department of her game. Second set was a different story though. Sania infact broke back Jankovic at a crucial time when Jankovic was serving for the match at 5-4. Sania also squandered four set points and the set moved into a tie breaker (or shall I call it a heart breaker!). Jankovic easily won the tie break, the set and the match. Sania's weak first serve is significantly hampering her progress. She has to do something about it. But as we know. serve is the most difficult part of the tennis game and can't be changed overnight. In the mean time as sinciere fans let us cheer and hope for Saniamaking waves again. Go Sania

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Reliance facing crisis

Sandeep | 8 August 2006, 6:31pm

Reliance is facing the heat with growing world wide oil prices touching new highs. With our government subsidising the rates, it is becoming virtually impossible for Reliance to maintain such low prices and still earn profits. After investing 10,000 crores on the so called Reliance network of petrol pumps, the rising oil prices is a big blow for the ambitious business plan. Reliance Industries reportedly are incurring a 10 crore loss every day. Most of the 1500 Reliance pumps are running just 2 hours a day and the dealers are not able to repay the loans. With oil prices expected to reach 100 dollars a barrel expect the Reliance share prices to go down in the next quarter. All Stock holders beware of the results. It is not just Reliance but Essar oil company is also facing a crisis situation.

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Sania Vs Jankovic

Sandeep | 8 August 2006, 3:47pm


Sania is going to play Jelena Jankovic tonight at JP Morgan Chase in Los Angeles. The picture says it all. Sania played Jankovic twice and both the times she lost very easily. Once in Dubai (when Sania was on high after beating Kuznetsova) and the other time in Brimingham. But both the matches were played a year ago and both the players have changed their games a little bit in the mean time. Sania though is improving day by day is on a low this year due to her lacklusture performances in some of the tournaments. While Jankovic beat the then Wimbledon Champion Venus williams at Wimbledon and is on high. A very tough match but as we know WTA tour is brutal and Sania has to overcome it. I am not very positive about the matchup but hopefully Sania will be lucky third time and will beat Jankovic tonight. Go Sania, the whole India is with you.

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Captaincy and Jayawardene

Sandeep | 8 August 2006, 3:02pm

Looks like Jayawardene has finally decided to showcase his talent to the world. What a magical innings he played today. His 123 against SA in the second test on a deteriorating Sri Lankan pitch has to be recorded among the best innings in the anals of cricket books. Captaincy has definitely brought the best out of the Sri Lankan. If you notice he is averaging well over 60 in tests and close to 50 in ODIs as captain. Ofcourse his terrific effort includes the mammoth 374, highest score ever by an Asian. Sri Lanka is proving to be a much stronger opposition under Mahela and his form is an ominous sign for India touring SL next week. We have to device a plan for Mahela's downfall otherwise which we are  bound to lose the series. A confident captain can make an average team deadly, ala Ganguly in the series against AUS or Vaughan in the Ashes. Beware India, Mahela has arrived

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Magnificient Maria wins Acura classic

Sandeep | 7 August 2006, 5:54pm

What a great start for Maria before the U.S.Open to win the Acura Classic beating current world No.2 Kim Clijsters 7-5 7-5. The talented girl from Russia has finally got rid of the monkey from her back of not beating a top 5 player for a long long time! Maria for some reason has the mental block against the Belgians (Justin Henin and Clijsters) and it is good to see her overcome that just before the U.S.Open which should do wonders to her budding career. Very impressive win. Watch out for her at the U.S.Open. She is definitely going to be a hot hot favourite there if she continues to play the way she did on sunday night

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Sania back to form

Sandeep | 4 August 2006, 3:17pm

Sania is slowly coming back to form. After a bad first half, she is all set to amend things in the coming tournaments. Reaching the third round of Acura classic confirms that. As you must be knowing Sania lost to Dementieva in three close sets. Ofcourse lot of people are upset about her loosing, but we need to understand that Dementieva has been on tour now for almost 5 to 6 years and is a very ecperienced player. She has twice reached the finals of grandslams (US Open and French Open) and is a top 10 player. Sania player her thrice this year and she gave her a tough fight all the three times.

Sania infact, changed some of the people associated with her. Employing Narendranath as her new travelling coach/hitting partner is a welcome move. It just shows that Sania wants to be the boss. She wants to get the things done in her own way. Ofcourse, this attitude of hers took her to top 50 in WTA tour and helped her scale those peaks which oher Indian women can only dream of (as of now). In future, I am sure we will produce better champions. Many try to find reasons why Sania is not opting for a top class coach? One needs to understand that Sania indeed tried stint at Tony Roche (Federer's coach), and also employed an American travelling coach. Things didn't workout and she steadily slipped through the ranking ladder.

Anyways, too much analysis is also not good. For starters, I am a very big fan of Sania and has been following her career from the time she was 11 years old. Hard courts season is back and so is Sania. Let us hope for a bright second half (2006) and may god bless her.

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