"They are saying goodbye in their own way. Playing outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes." - Argyle from Braveheart

This is not goodbye to my blog, no matter how much ye may hope.

I do not know what is more memorable about today. The fact that I saw as many movies in one day as I've seen in the past 4 months  or the fact that I watched one masterpiece. Of course, that fact that I've seen only 4 movies in the past 4 months (including today) does speak much of my general absence from the living world.

I watched Braveheart tonight. I watched the sons of Scotland fight to death for freedom, and yes as always I got too involved in the whole darn experience and now am writing a blog about it. But this blog is not about the movie. No, this blog shall be written as the poet warrior Payne would write it; this blog shall be for freedom! No wait. Thats another line from the movie, only without Payne or the word blog - believe me, medieval blogs would have been boring to say the very least. What with all the loud "auuughhh"s and "grawwww"s. Medieval warriors did not need long and dramatic pep-talks like our country's warriors on our playground (playgrounds, battlegrounds...same thing), they made do with the above mentioned short, inspiring sounds.

Ah, I digress. Again and again. This blog is about my disconnection with the living world. My indifference to anything outside of Photoshop or my nearest friends or the phone. It is sad that I still somehow exist in the virtual world too with this blog that has a pathetic one line as its last post.

Four months have passed since then.

A shade over 130 days which have taken me places, across India and even outside. Life in the second half of the ride of an MBA has been tough, busy, relentless and highly unforgettable. So many things to blog about, but then as life would have it...the one time I actually had things to write about - so much of it - I could not find the time to do so. Days passed, weeks have flown by and now it is the turn of months. The draught stops here, but am afraid it does so with a blog I'm sure noone would read for the simple sake of reading.

There in lies the paradox of this blog. People everywhere in this small microcosm of reality encapsule bits of their lives for posterity's sake, some others write so that they may be read and criticized, some write about current happenings and get quoted in newspapers which feel they understand the purpose of blogs - or even worse how to start one on your own (oh the mystery is solved!), some write stories, some bitch (as a verb not a completely disconnected abuse), some write really long sentences finding every possible way to keep it going whether it be brackets (like this) or hyphens - or dashes if you want it that way - or just continue to banter utter trite just to keep their blog from dying.

So is that it? Is that the purpose of this post? Am afraid not, you poor bastard whose innards are running amok on the floor thanks to this post. Am sorry. The paradox is that this blog does not have an identity, it never did. Its never been a blog one would come to read something good or informative or gossipy or even an insight into a life. It has always been an ugly blue html page with really small fonts that some crazed maniac chooses as a platform to unleash completely senseless, egotistic, well punctuated words called blogs.

And somehow people read it. Everytime. Maybe its the kind of dizzy feeling that the process of reading white text the size of the brain of the reader on a bright blue background leaves one with at the end of it. Maybe it is that surreal high that all my readers are in search for. So where's the paradox, you ask? You poor innard-less zombie, there is none. You've been trapped again. Hence, enjoy this high...concentrate your eyeballs on something blank for a while. It shall help.

Ladies, gentlemen and my readers...I hereby announce the return of Payne. I promise nothing to myself, I know not when the next blog shall be. But I shall say this>> This was great fun while it lasted.


PS: Wow. It feels good to be back.

PPS: How can I forget a photograph? A lil show-off here, but then who's complaining? >> From the Trocadero, viva la Paris! 

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Current Music: If you thought Id be listening to the Braveheart OST - you were wrong. Im now typing more nonsense in this place too. And it goes on and on.