Indian English

crazyblogger | 31 Oct 2006, 10:04am

Do we(Indians) speak english very fast???

I always thought we guys speak very slowly ....But some days back I was speaking to my client and he says "u guys speak really fast .It is very difficult to follow"
If the above is true then why arent we able to follow english movies.I heard many of my friends saying they cant follow each n every dialouge...Even I feel the same ....
Is it really true that we speak fast as if we are in a hurry to finish the sentence????

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crazyblogger | 30 Oct 2006, 12:08pm

Sudoku!!!< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The other day I was traveling alone to my place, I find the person sitting next to me was busy doing something...I thought he was preparing for some exam or something ...I left it at that and was looking at others in the flight ...The air hostess came n served some crap and everyone had it (at least most of them-cant say they enjoyed the food). After that I find the person beside me still busy working ...Now my curiosity won over my manners and I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was playing sudoku...

and started explaining about it . He was so obsessed abt the game that he wouldn

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crazyblogger | 26 Oct 2006, 5:27pm

Why do people identify themselves with a fruit or a vegetable????

 I was asked this question several times.... I really dont understand y people would compare themselves with a fruit or a vegetable ....One can compare with another person (this is understandable) but in which sense do we compare ourselves to a fruit..... I really wonder what fruit or vegetable I can identify with .... Im dont think im yellow in color to be compared to a mango /banana etc.... nor Iam green .... Im not red,pink,orange etc..... I cannot compare my self to a chikoo (even if Im brown).... Im not a potato ,carrot ,lady's finger or a tomato.... I cant compare myself with a snake gourd becoz im not lanky,I cannot compare myself to a potato becoz im not fat... I cant compare myself with a coconut but im not the "mild from inside n tough outside kind!!!" Iam me !!! why do I have to compare myself to a fruit/vegetable???

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