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Maharadi Audio Review (6.4/10)

Sandeep | 9 November 2006, 4:18pm

After the disaster of Veerabhadra, NBK is coming again as Maharadi. Let us discuss a brief preview of this movie before getting into music review. Maharadi has NBK who should be the main crowd puller and Sneha in the leading roles. Jayaprada after a long gap is coming back into tollywood with an important role in this movie. Meera Jasmine plays the other hero in. The film is being directed by P.Vasu and has music by Gurukiran.

As a common movie goer I would be least bothered about the director, producer, music director etc. All I would be concerned about is the Lead actor and actress. I would be happy to see Sneha pairing with Balakrishna here. On that front the movie sports a decent look. The problem comes when I am a movie buff or an ardent NBK fan. I want everything to be perfect atleast upto my expectations to have any excitement about this project. P. Vasu is fresh from delivering a block buster in the form of Chandramukhi, but can he deliver another one with NBK in the lead. Only time will tell!! P.Vasu is weak at elevating hero's image which is very important while dealing with someone with huge on screen charisma. And also the guy is known for freemakes. God knows what Maharadi is! The terrible disappointment comes in the form of music director Gurukiran. Why do we have to ignore telugu music directors? Is it for something fresh? For starters Gurukiran is a popular Kannada music director. Let us get into muscic review considering the above given background.

Ottu petti chepputhanu (7/10)
This one sounds like a hero introduction song. The music is more like the opening song in the movie 'Upendra' with the background of "Tha Thakita" . The song has a catchy tune and should be an instant hit with the first listening itself. This song gives some hope about the album after a disappointing background of having Gurukiran as a music director. A satisfactory one. Let us get into the next song

Ningi Nela Kalisina E Vela (6.5/10)
The best part about this song is the "suprabatham" background with rapping effect that comes inbetween the song. But the song has some strage lyrics like "Teenage is one when we want to have some fun!!!" . Hope they are not referring to NBK as teenager. That would be a disaster. The music is dominated with heavy western beats and even the accent with which the singer sings is very americanish.

Mangamma Mangamma Mandara Mogga Laga (7.5/10)
Easily the best song of the album. It will strike a chord with the very first listening. A racy melody sure to become a hit with both mass and family audiences. Mass lyrics add some more glamor. Whoever sang the song did a good job. A nice song with good beats.

Uppu Chepa Pappu Chaaru (6.5/10)
Another mass song. If I am allowed to guess, this song should be with Navneet Kaur. The song doesn't really start well but the stanza part picks up a bit. This one is just a mass number with plenty of Drums without much melody. Manisharma is sorely missed in the songs like this.

Emo Emo Emma....Maja Maja (5/10)
Another racy number without any melody with some rapping in between. Bad song and needs no review. Looks like Udit Narayan got to sing this song. Nothing to rave about him wither. All in all a bad song

Veechey Gaalulalo (6/10)
Finally a slow number! Again, nothing much to talk about this song. This is how most of the album is. The song is neither bad nor good. It lies in between which is very tough to explain or write a review of. You can always criticize somthing which you don't like or praise endlessly when you like something, but what can you do for an average thing?

Overall a big disappointment for Balakrishna fans and music lovers as a whole. If you are an NBK fan go for it, you will atleast appreciate few songs. Otherwise just skip it and listen to whatever you can on FM radios. The trend of average music in tollywood continues

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