You have been given the gift of life. Regardless of who it came from or how you received it - it is up to you to protect and invest in it. Self neglect and abuse will result in pain and suffering - just take a look at the general population. Wise nutrition and a properly structured exercise program provide the mind, body and spirit with much of what is needed for protecting the one life you have been given. It is your responsibility to invest in yourself.

Forget everything you've read and forget everything you've heard. You need to learn the truth about fitness and nutrition from a fitness expert who has seen it all and is ready to dispel the myths and misperceptions to put you on the path of continuous improvement.

This perspective is based on a strong foundation of logic and common sense. No 'magic pills' and no 'miracle machines'. It's all a function of your mindset, not some wacky, one food diet or how much you can kill yourself in the gym.

Fat loss and weight control are a function of one simple equation:

Calories in must be less than calories burned.

Permanent fitness and optimal energy are first a function of mindset.

If you truly want to be fit, the strength of your desire will help you produce thoughts which directly influence your habits and actions. Actions that are conducive to optimal health and fitness.

Fitness is not about what you see when you look in the mirror. Its about how you feel about your self, whether you are looking in the mirror or not.

Don't agree?

Stick around and learn...

Don't Be Like Everybody Else...  Be Fit !

abbas hussain (fitness consultant and personal trainer)

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