Easy Tips to Get Rid of Headaches:

Now whatever is the cause or whatever be the nature of the headache, most headaches are preventable. 

Follow the tips given below and you will be amazed to find that the prevention is actually in your hands.



Do not read when you are lying down. The lying down posture is clearly not the best position to read. It is a very common thing for a person to flop down on the bed with a book and read it while lying down. In fact, many people make it a habit to read for a few minutes before going to sleep. Let us say it once and for all; it is not good to read while you are lying down.

2. While reading, do not hold the book too close to your eyes. This is some thing that happens when you lie down to read. The book tends to move closer to your eyes than intended. This is something that is bad for your eyes. Your eye muscles have to strain a lot in order to focus on nearer objects. The book should ideally be at the level of your chest.

Do not hold it too far away either. Holding the book too far away is just as bad as holding the book too close.

3. Eat plenty of carrots; they are good for your eyes. Carrots are the best things that nature has to offer for eye sight so go ahead and gorge on them. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is the vitamin required for proper eye sight.


4. If you feel that your eyes are under strain, take a break. The best relaxation for your eyes is staring at a distant object or just keeping them closed. Your eyes will give you signs when they are under strain. You will find that you are getting tired sooner, your eyes may start to water or you might notice that you have to squint your eyes in order to get a better view.

5. Try to blink deliberately while working on the computer. When you work on the computer there is an increased tendency to stare unblinkingly at the monitor. This especially true if you are playing an exciting game. In such cases you should make a conscious effort to blink your eyes.

If you do not blink your eyes, they will become dry, they will hurt and this will ultimately precipitate as a headache. It is when you blink that your eyelids wash your eyeballs with the tear secretions. Your eyeballs must be moist always so remember to blink your eyes even if you are deeply engrossed in something interesting.


6. Breathing exercises help you breathe better and release the toxins in your brain. The human body takes in a lot of toxic substances, both through the air and through food and drink. Apart from this, various toxins are also released in the body as a result of the various processes that are going on. These toxins have to be released on a continuous basis or else they will accumulate in the body with serious results.

One of the best ways of releasing these toxins is by means of exhaling while breathing. One funny fact is that most of do not breathe properly. With each breath that we take, we take in oxygen. This oxygen is carried by the blood to every cell of the body and every cell must indeed get enough oxygen not just to survive but to remain healthy as well. So it is imperative that we make an honest attempt to breathe properly. But first of course we have to make sure that we are breathing in unpolluted air. The time best for breathing exercises is early in the morning when the air is comparatively unpolluted.


7. Try to get a good night

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Today's Topic is Easy tips for eating and drinking:

1. Start ur day with a few gulps of cold water. Just gulp down some water before having anything and see the difference. This should help in improving your metabolism rate.

2. Do not eat in a hurry, instead take time to chew ur food slowly.This will help to improve ur digestion, and will also help in preventing over-eating problem which is so common nowadays. So u see u can easily curb the habit of over-eating by following this practise of chewing ur food more thoroughly.

One more advantage is u can enjoy the taste of the food more by eating slowly. So all the best and happy chewing.

3. While dirinking water, drink only when u are thirsty and not before it. It may seem to be common sense but sometimes we need advice on common sense things too. Drinking too much water even if u are not thirsty may result in a condition called "hyponatremia" - which is another name for over-hydration of the body. This can result in nausea, disorientation and muscle weakness. In the worst cases it can lead to coma or even death.


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