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All of us must have heard the proverb:
"Winners never quit and quitters never win".

Time and again, we have seen the value of persistence in the lives
of succesful people in whatever field they were, whether in
business, politics, sports etc.

But there may be a lot many men and women who persisted in trying to achieve something yet they failed. You may be among them, you may have been trying to achieve something from many years and still have not succeeded.

So what is the difference between people who persist and finally
succeed and people who fail despite persisting tirelessly??

There is a very important difference. Read on.

People who persist and still fail in achieving their desired goals,
are usually those who keep on doing the same thing again and again
and yet expect a different result.

Persistence is not about repeating the same thing over and over and
hoping for a different result each time. It is stupidity, not
persistence. Such persistence is misguided and not likely to help

People who tasted success are usually those who learn from their
mistakes, change their approach, try new things and keep trying new
things till they are able to finally achieve their desired result.
Such people are open-minded, willing to learn, try new approaches
and don't assume they know everything.

Thomas A. Edison seems to have failed 10,000 times before finally
inventing the light bulb. Now each time he failed, he tried another
experiment and kept on doing it. He didnt repeat the same experiment
10,000 times hoping for a favorable result. If he had done that,
then most likely the light bulb would not have been invented, not by
him atleast.

So remember the following points while pursuing your goals:

1. Be persistent.
2. Try another approach if the earlier one didn't work.
3. Keep and open mind and be willing to learn, specially from your
mistakes. Do not assume that you know everything.
4. Do not think that you have tried all possible approaches. You may
have tried all approaches that you are aware of, but there may be
things that you don't currently know. So focus on finding newer

If you do the above, then you are giving your mind strong signals
that you are determined to achieve your goal. Your mind no longer
has any excuses. This is the kind of persistence that we need.

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