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Lies Love and Life

krishnaveni | 19 April 2007, 7:11pm

As long as people tell you what you want to hear, you are pleased with yourself. And because they told you what you want, you will do the same for them. That's how it starts. Others lie to you about you and you lie to your own self. Sometimes you lie to make others feel good. It might be about you or about themselves. And sometimes you lie because you wanna feel good. As long as everyone is satisfied a lie is good. A bunch of lies help you attain self satisfaction, then its justified. But is one contended and happy? I read somewhere that people maybe satisfied but never contended. I guess its true. As long as you keep lying, one lie after another may satisfy your ego or someone else's but will never make them happy (Happiness in the true sense. Momentary happiness is different).

Love. I guess this feeling should be as true and pure as the first rain drop that kisses the ground. But hey, nothing is perfect in this world. You even have acid rains. So love too is a lie. Maynot be entirely false but some part of it, especially the part that is important, is a lie. You lie to yourself that you are still in love when there was no love in the first place. You find happiness in believing that everyone loves you, especially about the ones who dont. And you ignore the ones who do. Everything has become so corrupted and twisted in this life. Practicality is given more importnce than relations and life itself. You keep yourself in the darkness with respect to everything. Even remain ignorant to the fact that you are living a lie. What you say, what you wear, what you think doesnt depict what you are anymore. All these are lies to cover up what you really are. No one knows anyone.

People who have read this far might be wondering what is wrong with me. I dont know. (That's a lie). Some might just deny all of this.But what is Life?
Life is eternal denial of lies and love that is always there, in search for something greater.

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Something Precious

krishnaveni | 1 April 2007, 2:39am

A year ago...< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


I came back from college and opened the door. Darkness. It has always been this way. Ever since I found my way into this room, it has always been dark. There was just one slight difference today. It had the presence of someone in it. A stranger was in there, spreading light like a candle, there in the middle of the room. At first I had my own apprehensions. Trust is something that doesn

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