7 Apr 2007

Brake Fail

Posted by Oblivion in General | 8:24pm

To maximize the probability of finding one's best match, he has to date thirty-seven people. The next person who's better than those thirty-seven is, with reasonable certainty, the best match. Whoever thought Math is not romantic!

If Mr Y, an Indian, is taking a flight from Place X to Place Y on a Saturday evening, what is the probability of his chancing upon a girl who has finished with dating thirty-seven guys? Better yet, what is the probability that this girl will occupy the seat next to his? In a conservative culture like that of India where most people don't even date, it tends to zero! Let's take Mr Y to a more liberal culture (as regards dating), and he gets lucky.

While at it, I wonder which culture is most liberal with man-woman relationships. French? Irish? Italian? Mexican? By most liberal, I mean - you like each other, you live together; you feel it's not working, you break up; no ritual, no vows, no lawyer, no fucken bullshit.

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