You know what is awesome about being a writer? Or a director? Or a screenplay dude? Or some guy who brings things to life? You know, like god?

You don't have a friggin' clue. So I'll tell you.

It's that moment when you've got everyone's bums slipping off whatever kinda seat they are on, when everyone's got a big huge lump stuck in their throat, when their heartbeat's ascending and they are very really on the edge. It is that moment when they have no idea what's going to happen next and have invested some considerable amount of emotional energy into getting to that moment. It is that exact moment when you get to decide how they are going to feel, how they are going to sit back and be silenced by what just happened or throwing punches in the air in sheer delight. It is that control over the bloody minds of your audience is what is awesome. It is that moment when you are creating reality as it exists, if only in the minds of the audience. When you are playing out god's role, if only for a few seconds.

Imagine the screenplay writer of Cinderella Man or Seabiscuit or any other "wooohoo_moment" movie delaying the inevitable (the victory) and letting the audience slip into a state where they truly believe that the end would be any different from countless others. Imagine the director pulling the shots on those last 3-5 minutes before the conclusion. Imagine the music dude getting those high notes and the orchestra ready for that silent second and then gettin' 'em back on even higher and even more goosebump-inducing. Imagine the author deciding whether his book's ending will leave his readers putting down the book in a thoughtful silence or getting off that easy chair with a smile on their face. Imagine the guy behind Arlington Road or Kingpin or Inside Man smiling knowing that you'll have no idea what hit you when you are done.

So, dear ladies and gentlemen of the obscure FH blogging community, this post is a plea. For all of you to give back to that community which strives to entertain us and take us to the edge of our seats every single time. It's a plea for all you to stop going to imdb and checking out ratings, and to watch a movie for what it's worth. To suspend your disbelief entirely for those 90 mins or so, and let the movie play it's course. 'Cuz at the end of the day, it's not the end that matters, it's the anticipation of the inevitable that is so much fun. :)

Thank you.

PS: This post was never supposed to be meaningful, but hey...who the hell is that who's giving this blog 1881 views a weeK! :O So this is also a plea for all those people giving this blog and some 3 others 1000+ hits a week to go out there and read the other blogs! Even if they are selling saris and churidars or asking you whether you want to be a model or talking 'bout MLC elections.

Is FH still alive? Where is the new FH? :(

PPS: Watch Arlington Road.

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