Truth Lost sight of

Our birth by accident, given undue significance, in our life

Truth Lost sight of

rameshkuruganti | 7 September 2007, 7:00am

As you would concur, none of us did or could choose our Parents, place of birth, Time of Birth; and in reality even our parents could not or/and did not choose us to be the Childen to be begotten by them.  IT is a mystery, as to why we became the children of particular parents and parents of particular children( well, for some reasons known to that God Almighty, some of us did not marry at all), and some of us have not begotten children at all , even though we married, and in the case of certain parents, they could keep their children for a relatively short duration, and the parents survived the children.


IF the above is the factual situation, happening again and again, in this world, is it not non-sensical, for people to fight over the factors like, the other person is, of different, country, religion etc? After all you have not chosen your religion unless you are a convert and after all you have not chosen your parents and you have not chosen the time of your birth or the place of  your birth, and thereby the so called mother tongue is not chosen, but it is by accident.So is the case with every other man/woman. Even your brothers, sisters,countrymen, co-relgionists, are not chosen by you. It is only an accident.

Of course, everyone has to survive and the urge for survival of every living  being, is instinctive.. There is definitely justification, in your fighting for freedom, and opposing some one who is out to extinguish you or kill you.In all civil societies and democratic Socities/countries, the right to live and freedom of speech(as long as you are not uttering lies or maliciously and deliberately lowering any one's prestige, for personal gain/popularity or for some other nefarious motives) and expression are deemed as fundamental rights, and protected by the Government


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