crazyblogger | 13 Sep 2007, 1:44pm
Its 1 AM and I cant sleep....I thought I'll write abt a lil thing that happened today .
Hmm today is the day for remembering things,ppl etc...I was searching for something and found a photo album instead.I left my search and opened the album.Seeing the photos of my sisters and me together I was reminded of them and wanted to meet them.Im usually not an emotional person,but seeing those photos I remembered all those lovely days and started crying(well not wailing) ...I felt the whole crying business silly ( later). I cant go meet them whenever I want to but I can atleast speak to them whenever I want.
Im very happy to have such lovely sisters and I always remember the fun we had together...
I know that our meetings will be few and far between but I will try to make the most of them ! ! ! !

Current Mood: Relieved
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