See now. There are different kinds of south-indians. Ok? South-Indian is not an all encompassing term. We have people who pronounce things very differently from one another:

1. Tams - they have a "ae" after everything. Now the english language is not evolved yet to the level of tamil but you'd know the twang that I'm referring to here. The one at the end of every sentence - enna panrae, enna solringae, irikae. But wait, though the english lingo doesn't have an equivalent we find a similar term used mostly by sheep and goats. The ae in baaaeeyyyy, is what am referring to here.

2. Gults - they have an "uu" after everything. This is simple, its a in Paynooo, or stupiduuu, blogoo, or PayneGaru and so on. If a sheep was to say the same than it'd sound very much like an owl.

3. Mallu - the intricate rolling of the tongue leads to a smorgasbord of delightfully unique pronunciations. (wow! check out that sentence!) We have the rolled nnn - as in Phunnnee - or the rolled lll - as in glllig here do zubzkrriibb.

As for Kannads, I don't see any difference to gults. So no identity there.

In other interesting news, Mumbai totally rocks. The local trains give you a "taste" of how it is to swim in the great oceans of the world - go with the flow, be overwhelmed by the current and taste the saltiness of the ocean. Yes, the sweat does get into the air. :| :| The auto guys give you a pleasant surprise when they give you back your one rupee change always. The way everything is just a few hours away by road and just a few minutes by train. The way it's perfectly normal to be stuck in a jam at 6AM.:D And so on. Oh and Marathi sounds like gult.

Note To Self: Need to have things to write about. Yes.


PS: Because I can post. :D

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