The Celebrated Concerto!

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I compose this copy of coagulated characters with complete concentration and craftsmanship. This cluster of cyclical compositions is not a causal collection of comical characters, but is chiefly committed to chronicle the conditions and creative concepts of the composer.

Also captured in the compositions are the crucial concerns of the Cyberabadi citizens. Candidly, I am not a cynical or cruel creature but a compassionate chap.

Certain combinations of characters collapse at being correct. So I act contrite and clear all controversy.

Certain critics may censure and crucify me of being crazy, contemptuous and condescending, yet I clarify that I am clever, constructive and collaborative. And collectively we can craft countless compositions which will be celebrated and critically commended. So I call for the community of citizens to come forth and comment on the compositions I create.


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Inflation is at an all time high..


Subbiah's samosas cost Rs 0.50 more from what they were previously...

What can an average Hyderabadi do if essential commodities become dearer?

And for all those who say try out McDonald's veggie McGrill, well its like that queen (whose name i forgot) who asked her subjects to eat cake when they demanded bread.


A good news channel is one that reports all the news.
A better news channel is one that reports all the news correctly.
The best news channel is one that reports correct news without bias.

A sad news channel is at times also called "HEADLINES TODAY".


Mine is one of the most visited blogs on
My posts are among the highest read on this site.
My posts are not being commented.

Explanation -

My posts are so superiorly impressive that you are lost for words.
My posts contain highly advanced topics that you never understood what they were meant for.
You have no money to buy a keyboard for your computer!!

If none of the above - then leave some comments!

P.S. - Just remembered the Queen was Marie Antoinette.

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