In No Particular Order 
  1. If you haven't been to the Necklace Road, and spent hours on together looking to ogle over that ever elusive beauty who always leaves when you come or who always comes when you leave.
  2. If you haven't been to an authentic Hyderabadi restaurant, and eaten the plastic out of the plate of Hyderabadi Biryani.
  3. If you haven't discussed about the latest movie of RGV over a plate of pizza or chat.
  4.  If you have never bribed a traffic police officer cause you jumped a signal or weren't wearing a helmet, or heck cause he wants money one way or the other!
  5. If you never went to any of the zillion malls in town just for the sake of letting other people know that you too are a part of the city.
  6. If you never danced or tranced during the hundreds of festivals that the city celebrates.
  7. If you never had more that ten cups of tea per day along with osmania biscuits.
  8. If you never visited Prasads or PVR just to make sure that you complete this checklist.
  9. If you havent commented on the political scenario even though your only previous experience in commenting lies in those anonymous comments that you made on blogs of narcissistic egomaniacs.

Now here is the catch, you may be forgiven and may even be accepted as a Hyderabadi without doing any of the above activities but you surely will not be taken on as a Hyderabadi resident had you not

    10.  Eaten Samosas at Subbiah's. 

P.S. - I am not Subbiah's online marketing agent, although I like his Samosas!!