I had almost abondoned blogging. So had I with fullhyd. But I started blogging somewhere else again earlier in August this year, after about 2 years . That blog is very general in character.

I wish to start writing the same old stuff that i used to in 2005-06. & very casually I googled this blog & felt happy to find it too. I read a couple of my old posts and felt like writing here again. But, do iIremember my username & password? Surprisingly after two attempts, I seem to be successful. My memory seems to be in good condition.

I had made an attempt to start writing here once in 2007 too but could not hang on to it. So in all its true sense, this is my second comeback.But the new feel & look of this site makes me want to write here. Hope this attempt doesn`t loose its vigour any sooner.

I have to mention here, a very important role that this site has played in my life. Back in 2005 when I was blogging here, I used to have a regular visitor to my posts. She used to like my writing very much. We exchanged emails, bought each others coffees, vodkas and then one day exchanged vows.

Such is the might & glory of this website & this blog. Lemme see if I can return to my innocent musings  here again. !!!


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