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I am lost. All of us are.

Mankind as a whole is actually misplaced. We have wandered too deep and too hastily into the unknown. We are now hanging between nothingness, heading from void to void. We are trapped; we have nowhere else to go. We are now plummeting to the depths of an abyss.  We are being consumed by the chasms of obscurity. We are morally and logically misplaced. We may have reached the heights of scientific progress, but have no purpose in life. We might have evolved from coins to credit cards; barter system to banks and businesses, but have no real direction in life. We go to jobs, punch data into machines and we do this work for hours on end, just to earn a few scraps of paper  called currency, which they say are the portals to happiness.

We are on the edge of fate, a single wrong move and we are doomed for eternity. We have come from relishing the wonders of ice and snow to being unconcerned by the powers of nature. We have ironically used scientific and (so called) intellectual progress to bring about our downfall.  Authority is not given to us to own land let alone segregate it, yet we divide it into cities, countries and continents; we pollute, contaminate and destroy both the planet and ourselves. We are a walking contradiction. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent species, but which creature, organism or being would obliterate its own habitat. We are worse than viruses; we are like parasites and leeches. We are an infection, a disease, an illness.

Through a history spanning at least 10,000 years, we as a group have come from being intelligent and creative to being stupid and devastating. We might have built sanctuaries and shrines devoted to nature and its splendour, yet today we erase forests in the blink of an eye. We might have worshipped the stars and the universe, yet now we are less than intrigued by the magnificence of the cosmos. We have lost the will to remain happy; we tread a path of joylessness.

Everyday we strive for newer meanings of happiness, and we believe it to be the source of human progress. An origin for newer technology and benefits for society; a path which leads to eternal bliss and delight, but there is no such place. Every innovation is erased to fit another; yesterday’s crest is today’s trough.  We fight over religions whose basis is to unite; we kill over money, which we conceived for own satisfaction and ease. What do we aim for in life, what is the use of living each day with no real sense of purpose and validation.

I cry with anticipation into the vacuum, my barren eyes seek for hope in emptiness and the screams of a trillion shattered lives haunt me.

P.S. - Now people might ask me (well, the process has already begun) about what I want to do or what the basic purpose of a life should be... well to put it plainly...I don’t know. But the one thing that I do know (with assurance) is that it shouldn’t be this way.

P.P.S. - And for those of you who say that I should fine-tune, change, adapt and adjust myself to this form of the world - screw you... I get one chance at life, and you wish that I waste it by working at ‘9 to 5’ jobs and ponder over where I’d invest my life’s savings? I’d rather watch endless telly!!

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This World Of Mine...

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As I gaze with my pair of murky eyes,
I witness a world with conflict and no peace,
A world where refuge is sought in burning houses,
A world which endures through strife and chaos,
What is the use of such a civilization?

This world of mine is in decay...
What if I get to live in a world like this?

A world which runs on dark ideas,
A world which continues to destroy itself,
A world where death comes every day,
A world which can kill you for praising it,
This is a world where you and I exist,

This world of mine is imploding...
What if I get to live in a world like this?

A world which runs on ashes and embers,
A world devoid of hope and faith,
Where people die in infected ruins,
The survivors take shelter from a downpour of fire,
They too will be destroyed and devoured.

This world of mine is contaminated...
What if I get to live in a world like this?

We search for divinity and a deity,
But they say they too have been slain,
A world where Gods are slaughtered,
A world where Satan is made king,
We live in a world of pandemonium.

This world of mine is crumbling...
What if I get to rule a world like this?

This world is not restricted to earth,
It transcends the stars and the universe,
We who dwell here can see all this,
But we are powerless and feeble,
We live in a world of anarchy.

This world of mine is declining...
What if I get to rule a world like this?

This world devoid of sympathy,
A world where relations are lies,
A world which claims itself paradise,
This world is nothing but hell and a nightmare
I wish this world at least remained this way

This world of mine has reached rock bottom and is still digging...
What if I get to rule a world like this?

Where are the Prophets and where are the Seers?
Have we no one now to look forward?
Where have we gone wrong?
A world where to err is human...
But where is the divinity to forgive?

This world of mine has ended.

The World Is Filled With Jobless Morons!!

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Of the Universe and the Human Species!

It is not that the Cosmos is unable to hate or cause damage. If only the Universe knew that we humans as a species are not just intruding but also claiming its territory, it would spurn us. Or sympathize for us. But unfortunately it's just too darn busy to be bothered.

Of Cowardice!

My friends (and also most people who know me!) think I am a coward. They say that I don’t have even an iota of capability to show valour and bravery. So, I say this – If being too careful and cautious is termed as being fearful and a sign of cowardice then I am a coward. And if being too rash, hasty, hurried and underprepared is termed as bravery then I am not brave!

” Cowards die a thousand deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.” – William Shakespeare

But then again... the cowards return to live a thousand lives where as the valiant stay dead!!

Of Cell Phones!!

1:45 A.M., I am on the edge of sleep. I am almost on the verge of going into the best state of sleep that this week could give me, warm up cricket matches and friends from far off places had caused my sleep times to go astray. As I finally swayed into far off lands found only in deep confines of my sub-conscious mind, a loud beep goes off. I am awakened and lost. I seek with my drowsy eyes as I find the culprit to be my cell phone, in the unlit and dark room, the only light was from the glow of the neon lights of my old and rusted cell phone.

I apparently had a new text message. So I was lost in thoughts, who could it be at this time of the night. I thought of abandoning the message till morning. The light from the cell phone was like an apparition or a spirit from the other world, eerie and ethereal. I was now scared, first by the light and then by the sudden thought that what if someone was in trouble, a crisis or situation was at hand and they need me there, someone was surely in pain, I thought. There were a thousand questions in my mind, who could it be, how could I help, what could possibly have happened? Then I dragged myself by the vision of my drowsy and tired eyes (and not forgetting to trip on the mess of clothes, books and CD’s) and I finally made it to the table and then as I scanned the table and finally got hold of the cell phone. I had all the while through the journey from my bed to the table fortified myself emotionally for the tragedy or crisis that was about to befall on me. My sleep had been overcome by fear and concern.

And as I made my way through the complex web of unlocking the phone, going to the menu, seeking out the message and as my now awakened mind finally laid eyes on the message it read thus –

“Dear XYZ Customer, we have received notice of your request to unsubscribe to our daily messages and offers. Your request has been processed and you will not receive any further text messages from XYZ. To resubscribe to the package, please SMS blah, blah, blah to ABCD.”

Aaaaarrghhh!!! The world is filled with jobless morons!!

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