31 Jul 2009

The Man. The Book

Posted by Oblivion in General | 6:32pm

The longlist is out. I am putting my money on Coetzee. Yet again. May Summertime be the brightest find at this year's Man Booker do.

9 Jul 2009

Song of the Soul

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 7:43pm

The patter of rain
Battering my heart wild
Laughs and reminds me
Of your words sweet
The black of the sky
Enveloped in melancholy
Teases and reminds me
Of your tresses dark
The fleeting clouds
Moving to the worlds afar
Beckon and remind me
Of your tread gentle
The fair lonely star
Shining in all its splendour
Smiles and reminds me
Of your glance gleeful
The resplendent full-moon
Playing hide and seek
Chides and reminds me
Of your smile beautiful
The quiet of the night
Bathed in faint moonlight
Whispers and reminds me
Of your presence silent
I hanker for your love
Give me your hand
I long to see you
Gift me your glance
At this very hour
For, nothing else matters
Tender is the breeze
Impatient is my being
As I whisper loud,
"Give up everything
wait no more
and come to me, my love"