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Redundant - The lives of most people in India.

I learnt a new word  - transubstantiation, it means the change of wine to blood or bread to flesh... or in my case pain into happiness! By using my tablets of course!!

But I don't understand the conversion, is it that I am enjoying my pain or is it that I used to feel happiness was pain?

P.S. - Post abridged for being too personal and way too insane!!


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"The Sky could be blue, could be gray.
But without you its just miles away"
- Coldplay

What does it take to put pen on paper? What does it take to take a piece of paper and scribble arbit stuff into it? What does it take to inspire oneself to write and write until hands twinge with pain?

As you sit there in your chair, with the light from the monitor flashing on your dimly lit face, as you make way for the light to fall onto the screen to make it easier for you to read. As you start reading all what I write and raise me to the level where I feel a little bit divine. Cursing me or sometimes praising me for what I write.

As you continue reading meanwhile moving the mouse around and clicking on links you find interesting. As you laugh or cry, as you smile and understand the true inner meanings of what I write. As you move your hands to do up your hair or press keys. As you enjoy what I write, you have made a small part of me feel worthwhile.

P.S. - Maybe what I've just written may be lambasted for breaking the fourth wall in the world of technical and ethical blogging, but yeah who cares!!


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Primeval scholars have advised us to calculate the scale of prejudice by the smallness of what we reckon is a success.

How outrageous is it to have to commemorate this... To have to rejoice the fact that loving someone now no longer makes you a criminal.

And for that cause alone it is necessary to celebrate it.

I am happy for the fact that India has finally arrived into the 20th century on July 2nd, 2009... Hope it doesn’t take till 2100 to get to the 21st!

P.S. - This is in support to all those who stand for basic human rights and to those who feel being who they are isn't an offence and a response to a recent post on this portal.

The Inner Reflection!

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A mirror... A likeness; an imitation; a fake; an echo. What are the principles and ethics of a mirror? Does it simply do what you do? Or does it enhance or diminish it?

He looked into the mirror.  As he observed himself and looked deep into his own brown eyes, he saw the desire. The desire buried deep in his craving eyes. They yearned for the arrival. As he was looking his mind arrived at a question; do mirrors simulate or emulate?

The mirror was standing there, doing what it does best – duplicate. And in its duplication it creates a fear; a fear of looking at oneself, of facing oneself. So he was now afraid; afraid of standing there, afraid of watching his copy stare into his eyes. He was afraid that “it” might take him over, afraid that it might bring about his ultimate ruin. He was awash in guilt and trepidation. He could face the entire world but could not face himself. Yet his eyes yearned.

He gazed into the deep and dark abyss of his own eyes. His memories choose from a garden of thorns, he was now at the end of it all. He looked into the mirror, in the shadow of a thousand collapsing walls, he could see his fate. Still he yearned.

His own mind played with his thoughts, he was now caught in the warped maze of his reminiscences.He could do nothing but stare back at his virtual image and weep. Weep that all the world around him was now worth nothing, and now the only things that mattered were him and his reflection. His yearning was now at its peak.

He wished he could move away, but he couldn't. He feared that if he moved away, he would lose himself and the world around him. He feared that his world would dissolve and nothing would remain. What he yearned for had arrived!

Eisoptrophobia - Is it the fear of facing oneself or is it the fear that cannot face itself?

The Legend And The Quest!

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 In Affectionate Remembrance
    which died at the Oval
    29th AUGUST, 1882,
    Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
    friends and acquaintances
    N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
    ashes taken to Australia.
    written by Reginald Brooks on 2nd September,1882
People may argue that cricket today is either Twenty20 or matches played between India and Pakistan or just the IPL, but I disagree. And so would anybody who saw the last 10 overs of the first Ashes Test.
The intensity was amazing. No one in India who says s/he follows cricket would ever witness nor feel the intensity that the packed house in Cardiff or those who saw the match whole-heartedly would have experienced. It's been hardly 15 mins since the match ended, and even as I type this the adrenaline rush remains. I mean, England saves the match survivng 12 overs of Australian bowling with 1 wicket remaining. Nail biting experience for any true fan of cricket.

Cricket today needs revival, and I don't mean through Twenty20 stuff and football-esque trading of players and teams owned by celebrities and corporations. I mean by exciting cricket. The top two teams who play the best cricket are England and Australia, closely followed by South Africa. India doesn't even come into the picture if you ask me.

England and Australia remain the only places where cricket remains a Gentleman's game, every where else its a hyped up extravaganza. And if you trust people like Lalit Modi and his ilk to promote cricket, you could as well stop watching cricket and watch strategic timeouts and advertisements instead.

I know many would say that they can't "waste" their time watching 5 days of "boring cricket" to get a result, but the rewards are amazing. You relate to players more often if you follow them for 5 straight days, you feel the tension of every ball. Every ball becomes crucial in test matches than in Twenty20 because if you play one bad shot you are condemned for the rest of the match, and one bad ball and you will be at the control of the batsman.

Cricket needs Test matches more than IPL's and T20 world cups. True followers of cricket look forward to The Ashes series. And as I end this I say that the intensity and the adrenaline rush created from the legend of the Ashes on 29th August of 1882 when English cricket was "cremated" and "the ashes" were taken to Australia to this day when England look forward to "regain the ashes" still remains the same.

Hoping that England regain the ashes,
Signing off

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